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03 December 2008

Knit hat for Christmas and Advent treasures

So I am working on a hat for a gift for someone in my family.  A word of warning... don't start on a project when you are tired.  I started this late at night two nights ago and realized when I woke up the next morning that it looked awful because I must have been "sleeping" when I started it.  So, I frogged every bit of it and started over after I had stopped being mad at myself for goofing up.  It is the "three in one" pattern in the book Knit Hats (link is on the side bar).  This is the cutest book and the patterns are easy to read and figure out.  I already have several other requests being put in for other hats when I'm done with gifts.  Just don't start anything when you are tired!  The only thing different that I am doing with the pattern is I will be adding a hanging tassel to the top and I will be adding the ear flaps to the side as in the pattern.  I'm liking it a lot!  I'm just using Red Heart yarn for this hat because I know it will get a lot of washing.  The black, red and gray are someones favorite in this house.  I hope to be done by tomorrow evening with it.  Cross your fingers. :)

The girls thought it would be fun to post each night on what they are getting out of their "My Little Pony" advent calendar.  So to catch up:  The first night they got the Pinky Pie pony.  The second night they got a present for her, purple shoes.  And tonight they got sticker ornaments to go on the pop out tree that was on the back of the box.  They are quite excited about this and I must say they are being very nice to each other with sharing to job of opening a door every night.  Scary! :)  They know someone is watching them.  Come back tomorrow to see what is next!
So I went to the LYS to get yarn for one last gift to make and ask about 8" circular needles that are required for the wrist warmer pattern I have been making with longer circulars in the "magic loop" way.  Nobody knows anything about them.  So I came home and emailed the author of the book where the pattern is found and come to find out the needles she used are not being made anymore by the company who made them at the time the book was published.  I know I have seen some before but can not remember if they were Addi's are not.  If anyone knows about where I could get my hands on some of these small little things, please share.  It's driving me crazy.  Not like I had far to go anyway. :)  I'm looking forward to Friday when the girls are coming over for... KNITTING!  Is there anything else to get happy about?  No.  Take care and good night. :)


  1. I love the hat. I don't have the knit hats book, but I do have the knit mittens one. I'm going to have to put that on my wish list. I don't think I've ever seen an 8" circular needle around here....hmmm. I'll keep my eyes open tho.

  2. that is so pretty! i want to make one! i know the feeling. knitting when your tired. does not work.
    love your playlist! lol!