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09 December 2008

Tissue paper wreaths, ponies advent and more knitting

Today Sweetie Belle got her wings.  The girls pointed out that she is a unicorn.  Shows how much I paid attention.  Oops!  Brenna said it would be nice to see her try them out.  Sorry, but I don't want a little pony flying around my house causing more chaos.  The wings would be clipped!
After the girls lessons today, they started to work on their tissue paper wreaths.  Rolling all the bits of paper into balls did not go over well so I had to help to make that part go faster.  Brenna just liked having her fingers stick together from the glue.  4 year olds!  It's a good project to keep them busy for awhile as I sit at the table to supervise and start on the second wrist warmer.
Not that I needed any more projects to add to my gift list, BUT when I went to the store yesterday for a wreath I also found the cutest colors for a couple of little hats for some little people I know.  Yes, I am absolutely CRAZY.  I have never denied that.  So I better get busy.  There are definitely some late nights in my future till Christmas.  :}

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  1. I'm having such fun watching the Pony Advent. Thanks for posting all the cute pics!