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14 December 2008

New snow, playtime, crocheting a scarf & the pony advent!

Over night and most of the day today we were given snow to enjoy.  I really like it.  I don't mind it so much any more being that I am a home body.  So let others worry about what the roads are like.
Above is our beloved moose enjoying his "pond" with the snow over it.  I think it looks really awesome with the lights shining through the snow.  Below is my must favorite lights (old fashioned C9's) shining through the snow on one of our bushes.  I can sit in front of one of our windows and just stare out at all the pretty colors and lose track of time.  Simple pleasures and great memories too!
Well, here are the kids playing in the snow today.  That's my mom out with the girls gathering snow for a snowman and a fort.  Can you believe the girls even got Mom to pull them on one of the sleds! I swear all they have to do is bat their eyes at her.  It was nice to see them having so much fun.  I went in first and started working on a scarf I need to get done for a present.  Luckily the girls went to bed early tonight so that I can work on it some more tonight.

So the ponies received a punch bowl, ladle and two cups today.  I find that weird being there will be three ponies at the end all of this.  When they are partying two will be drinking out of cups and one will be hanging their head into the punch bowl.  Not a pretty sight and the talk afterwards would not be nice either.  Who ever designed this calendar did not think ahead.
Lots of baking will done tomorrow!  Cookies will be coming out of our ears!  Yeah!  YUM-YUM!!!  :)

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