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29 December 2008

Best Husband and Father Ever!

I have to tell you why I think Glenn is so AWESOME!  He always puts his family first, especially the kids.  That started many years ago when we were expecting Brendon.  Glenn is a kid at heart to begin with but even more when the kids are around and they bat their eyes at him.  He's the softie, I'm not.  Well, no batting was needed Saturday afternoon when he came home from work.  As usual the girls go to meet him when they hear the garage door opening, their evening hug and mug ritual.  Glenn actually beat them to the door and yelled for them to get their snow pants and jackets on to build a fort.  They were so excited that Dad was going to make something cool and he didn't even go in the house to change out of his work clothes!  They were all out in the front yard for at least an hour and a half working on the walls of the fort.  It was so funny to see.  Brenna was running around squealing and Em was just trying to pack a bucket with snow as fast as she could so Dad would not have to stop adding to the wall.  Even our neighbor's thought it was pretty cool seeing Glenn out with the kids in his work clothes.  Their comment was "better man than me".  I even stepped out to help pack buckets while waiting for dinner to get done, no jacket, hat or gloves.  Glenn told me that I wasn't too bright being out in the cold like that.  It was just a few minutes, 20.

Everyone was quite proud of their fort wall.  It was pretty cool looking with the Christmas lights shining down on it.  Pictures had to be taken after dinner was done.  No one wanted to come in for dinner but I put my foot down.  Mom even thought it was cool looking too!  Sad to say that as of today, the fort walls have come to their demise from the warm temps and bit of rain we had for the last two days.  The girls are wishing for more snow soon so that they can go back out with Dad.  He is the BEST!  Gotta love him and he will never be traded!

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