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27 December 2008

The last Pony advent, Christmas traditions and the new knit hats!

I will warn you now, this is a longer than usual post because I neglected things for a few days.  Be fore warned!!  I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!  Sorry there hasn't been a post for a couple of days.  Things have been busy and we are trying to spend as much time with Mom before she goes home tomorrow.  With the snow we have been getting I don't think we can convince her to move to Idaho any time soon.  But we still keep trying.  One day it may work.  
Christmas Eve was a busy day waiting for Glenn to get home from work and getting all of our snack foods together.  You just can't beat Little Piggies, Meatballs, Hamstacks, cheeses, veggies, SHRIMP!, on and on and on.  No one went hungry.  As soon as Glenn hit the door to come in the house the girls were all over him to shower and come down to eat snacks and get ready to open family gifts.  Everyone did quite well with what they all got.  Everyone was quite please.  The girls had to go out and throw reindeer food out before bed.  They just hate the thought that Rudolph and the others may not get anything to eat and Santa gets cookies and milk.  So everyone went to bed happy and there were no complaints about little ones taking too long getting to bed.  Glenn and I were VERY happy with girls being they let us sleep in until 7am.  I am glad they were tuckered out being Glenn and I went to bed about 1am!  Santa brought some nice things for everyone:  *Glenn got some books and equipment for his picture taking hobby  * I got the interchangeable circular needles from KnitPicks * Brendon got a new video game  * Em got a telescope (every aspiring astronaut needs one)  *Brenna got a awesome kitchen play set (she is my little chef) and *Oma got a new digital camera so she load all her pictures on her IMac.  Then we spent a really nice, quiet simple day just enjoying being with each other.  It was nice.  Things just happened as we went through the day and there was no pressure.  Very relaxing.  Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful Christmas day similar to that.  Glenn, Mom and the kids even got in some snowman time.  That was fun watching all of them.  Mom enjoyed it alot.

Making the Mail snowman just right! 

I finally finished both hats.  Em's was finished on Christmas day.  My planning has got to be better next year.  I already have a list going for next Christmas so that I can get things done by the end of summer at the latest.  Oh, I will stick to it this year!  Promise!  I will not be going to bed and waking up with achy hands next December.  No way!  I think the hats turned out great, but most of all both the girls love them and that is what counts.  The both of them stand around swinging the tassels around their heads.  I'm just waiting for them to get sick.  They are messed up little people.  Just look at the picture below.  I couldn't tell you what they were doing.  And I'm not asking.

  Who Knows!?  It's not from my side of the family!

On the very last day of the pony advent we received Minty pony.  She is very cute with her greenish color and peppermints on her backside.  I have come to the conclusion that the whole advent was gifts from her to two of her very good friends Pinky Pie and Sweetie Belle.  It was very kind of her to be so thoughtful.  I'm still not asking about the sheep.  Brenna keeps making up different names for the poor thing.  It will definitely need therapy due to not having a permanent identity.  I'm not paying for it though.

I'm kind of sad that the advent is over now.  Hopefully we can find a neat advent to do again next year.  Thanks to Aunt Kimmy for getting this one.  Way cool!!

We are getting dumped with snow again today.  By lunch time we had 5 inches already and it was still coming down.  I will surely have to go back out and shovel again before Glenn gets home so things don't get packed down.  Maybe Brendon will get home soon and he can do it!  Not a bad idea!  Yeah!!!  I'm loving all the pretty white stuff.  I keep thinking of my "DREAM" in the mountains.  One day, One day....

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