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04 January 2009

A New Year & a "new" xstitch project...

"new" Cross stitch project
(what it is suppose to look like when done!)
I hope everyone stopping by had a great Christmas and New Years.  We did here are our crazy little piece of the world.  Things were hectic but fun at times and a good time was had by all.  The girls did not want to see Oma go home and there were teary eyes at the airport.  Brenna shocked us the most watching Mom go through security telling us to go get her to go home with us.  The girls stood and watched her finished with security, grab all her things, and waved forever to her as she was going down to where her gate was.  I personally think they are missing having her do everything for them being that I am know telling them to go look on their list of things they have to do and start doing their chores on their own again.  I was even told by someone that it was nice having Oma help them out with stuff.  Man were they spoiled with her.

Last week was spent getting back in our zone, going back to bed at normal time and getting back to school work.   Em is liking beginning Geometry.  I was too at one time in my life until I tried going past Geometry I and mine did I find out Math is not my favorite thing in life.  I almost had a friend in High School talk me into taking Calculus and then realized he was obviously "hitting the sauce" to heavily and made the smart decision not to get eaten alive.  Anyhoo, the girls are happy to get back to our normal school schedule and the activities we do (Karate is this month along with swimming and some musical field trips).

I have taken a break from knitting for a couple of weeks just so I don't get burnt out with it.  Way too much before the holidays and way too many 2am nights.  So, I dug out my x-stitch picture of one of my most favorite things.  Bluebonnets.  I have been working on this on and off for a while and I REALLY need to finish it.  It reminds me of the spring time in Texas growing up and seeing all the fields pop with wildflowers.  If you ever get a chance to go through the hill country in the spring and happen to be going down a highway with bluebonnets exploding in the fields along the side of the road, stop and take in the beauty of all the amazing shades of blue you will see.  AWESOME!!!  Glenn had no idea what I was talking about until one spring driving to my parents I made him stop and see the amazing scene.  He knew what I had been trying to explain to him.  I have bluebonnet seeds in my front yard and I am adding more this spring to the back.

I think my next knitting project will be socks for myself.  I got some really pretty Koigu yarn for Christmas and I will make a pair with it.  Gorgeous colors.  Can't find the label right now to share the color.  But I am going to try something new with the edge of the cuff.  I found this on the Twist Collective blog and it looks very neat.  If I get it to work just right, it may be my new thing with socks.  The girls want some socks made with this edge with the yarn they got also.  I have paired down my gift list for next Christmas and I will only have 4-5 projects on that list.  My guys are the only ones on that list.  Sorry.  I really busted my tail with a couple of projects, very late nights (2am or later) and then to find out that the gifts were "re-gifted".   Never mind the reasoning, but obviously the thought, time, etc. was not appreciated.  So only those in my house will be getting handmade things for now on.  It was a gut punch.  I am still upset.  Sorry to vent.

Well, the decorations are down, the house seems bare and my  "to do list" is already growing.  I am also planning on painting all my kitchen cabinets in the next month or two and hopefully getting a few other "improvements" done around here being we are not going to move.  Idaho is where we are staying.  Long story.  I will tell more later.  I will finally do and finish projects that I have always wanted to do around here.  My little touches.  I am seeing positive things in the future and hope that the future holds the same for all of you.  Ta Ta!!


  1. Most people just don't realize what it takes to make them something. You didn't just wave a magic wand and have it appear. Plus those types of gifts are always made with love -- certainly not to save time or money. I do know how you feel. It is like a gut punch. I made a family member a beautiful x-stitch pillow one year. It was really a hard pattern -- rooster with about 32 colors and even a chainlink fence in front. When I went to visit it was his cat's pillow. I don't mean that cat sat on it on the couch and claimed it -- I mean, it was in the cat bed and it's what the cat slept on. All clawed at and ratty looking. It just broke my heart. I am very careful about who I do craft for anymore. I love your new project. Do you plan to frame it?

  2. Love the cross stitch piece. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that you were from the hill country. Not far from where we used to live.

  3. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. I hate it when I'm gone for a few days there's so much to catch up on. What a neat edge. I'm going to earmark that for future use. Thanks for the link. I want my next knitting project to be for me but that will have to wait until I make a baby blanket for a new grandbaby that is coming. What a pretty cross stitch. I haven't done that in so long.
    We had a little bump in 2008 but we lived through it. I know 2009 will be super as I'm sure it will be for you as well.