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04 January 2009

Bluebonnet x-stitch...

Just a small tidbit about my x-stitch picture.  I finally finished one full half of the chart!  I was very impressed when I finished with the back stitches of the windmill.  I nearly jumped up and did a dance but remembered the girls were in bed and any sound would wake them and they would be down the stairs wondering what was going on.  They seem to think they miss out on a lot at night.  Little do they know that there are only two "old" boring parents sitting downstairs.  Oh the suspense!!  And if Glenn would have seen me dancing around like a goober he would have told me to sit down before I fall and hurt myself and then he would have to carry me upstairs.  I've been told that before and it still cracks me up.  So I choose to do a little jig as I was sitting in the chair and watching Masterpiece Theatre.  I am multi-talented. :)  I amaze myself too!  I'm getting a little silly now that I am getting tired so I will go just so this doesn't get too pathetic.  Apologies for the earlier post and not proof reading thoroughly enough.  I am a bit more intelligent than what it sounded like.  :)  Good night all!

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