"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

26 January 2009

Blanket happiness & a sunny day!!!

Well, I really worked my tail off last night getting the border of the blanket finished.  I only had a few moments to spare to go get my PJ's on and be back before my movie came on (Wuthering Heights).  I was quite pleased.  I think the border/edging turned out nice.  Not too fufu either.  Now today, I am starting my flowers to add to the middle of the blanket, with leaves and embroidered stems.  We shall see what it looks like.  I hope it is as I envision it to be.
As you can tell by the pics today, we are hanging out in my bedroom while doing schoolwork, crafts and crochet flowers.  I just can not pass up soaking up as much sunshine as possible being I was tortured for the last two weeks.  I even had to change shirts because it has warmed up nicely in my room and I felt like I was roasting like a "piggie" and had to ditch the sweatshirt.  Feels weird wearing a short sleeve shirt though.  But I will survive!!!  Below are some lovely origami frogs that Em has made for her and Brenna to play with.  Those darn things are just hopping everywhere.  Kind of a shock having one plop right down in the middle of a crochet flower.  Throws off the rhythm you get into.
After having being attacked by frogs, we will be moving along to Valentine decor with all the colorful foam sheets we have.  I am a bit curious to see what the girls come up with.  I still have to find a "cute" heart pattern for them to use in their artistic moment.
All in all, the day has been great.  No laundry because that was done yesterday, just a bit a vacuuming and a quick sweep of the floors and it was upstairs to enjoy that beautiful thing called the SUN!!!  Hope everyone has had a grand day such as we have.  If the wind wasn't blowing so hard we probably would have went outside but we are happy with the bright light upstairs.  Well, I must go and get more of that bright ball streaming in through my windows.  I will show off flowers tomorrow!



  1. The frogs are cute...and I love the edging you did, it's very pretty.

  2. Those frogs are great! I would love to know how to crochet flowers-or crochet at all for that matter! I am all thumbs when I try!