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25 January 2009

Little ones growing up (too fast for me) & more blankety news...

Well, yesterday was an absolute blast!  Em had so much fun with her 5 greatest friends in the world.  There was dancing, singing, crafting, and just plain good ol' hanging out.  Even us Mom's had way too much fun.  Miss Julie (as the girls call her) was here helping with things along with my good friend Di and Mary.  The four of us were laughing so hard at times that Glenn said he couldn't tell who was more fun at the party.  A couple of times the girls stopped to look at us and shake their heads.  It's always crazy fun when we all get together.  Em got some really awesome gifts.  A couple of gift cards to the bookstore (always a hit with our little book worm), an origami book, a teddy bear, webkinz puppy, flower pot painting kit, candy, and a Zobmando what if book.  That was a good one too!  I started ready pages to the girls while Em was opening presents and when I slacked off a little, I was told that I needed to continue reading.  Rough crowd!  Even us big girls got a hit out of it.  So all in all, a absolutely FABULOUS day had by all.  YEAH!!!!!  :)

I thought I would share a few pics of our little Em.  It's hard to pic a favorite pic of your kids isn't it.  I can't.  She has grown up so much already.  I really miss all the little funny things she would get herself into.  Like climbing into the pantry and getting stuck in between the shelves.  Still don't know the reason for that one.  She use to love pulling out all of my big mixing bowls, sitting in one and banging on all of the others.  Glenn caught her doing that one night when I used to work nights.  He told her, "Oh, Mommy is going to be mad".  And she with her precious little voice and face looked at him and said " Mommy mad?  No, Mommy not mad.  Mommy love me!".  I am so glad he got that on tape.  So the last few days I have been reminiscing about how darn cute my little ones are and how precious they are to me.  There are so many stories that I would be here forever!  But at least I have those beautiful memories.  Enjoy the pics!

Em playing under her highchair.
We would always find her playing under that and the dining room table.
I think because there were lots of things to hold onto and practice walking around.
One of her many cute little pics that I love.  What a cute face!
Our little Emmers, growing too fast!
Above is the last pic of my blanket.  I started the border last night after all was calm and quiet.  I just picked up stitches in sc for the first round and now on the second round I am doing hdc.  Then the third round will be a scallop of sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc in one stitch, skip two stitches, then repeat the "scallop" pattern.  I will show another pic when I get to that point.  I didn't want to get too matchy matchy with the border.  I needed something that stood out from the main part.  I am happy with it so far.  I am definitely seeing progress now that I have moved on to another color and different stitches.

Yarn night the other night was fun.  Di is continuing to work on her sock.  "We" are definitely making quicker progress on them and will be done soon so that she can start on her blanket with Julie and I.  Julie started on a ripple blanket that night with some really pretty colors from Ella Rae.  It is going to look awesome!  

Well, now that I have "chewed" your ears off, I will let you all go.  I've got to get a pot of pork chops, brats and sauerkraut going for dinner.  Love that!  Man it's good!  And then back to my blanket!  I really need to get it done now that I saw all the awesome colors that Julie is putting into her ripple blanket.

Oh!!!  Before I forget!  The sun just started to peek its head out!  Can you believe 2 whole weeks without sunlight because of a stupid inversion!!  So I must go to my bedroom and work on my blanket because it always has the best sunlight in the whole house!  LOVE IT!!!  :)  Happy Day are here again!!!

Toodles Noodles!!!  

(Sorry for the edit.  Didn't want anyone to think I had bad grammar of something)  I'm having issues today.  Lack of sun! :)  

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  1. Oh what a sweetie...they do grow up fast. The blanket looks great. I'm not even half done with the baby blanket I'm making but I can't post about it, it's for my DIL for her baby shower. I don't think I could handle 2 weeks without sunshine...I would go crazy (lol).
    Have a great Monday.