"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

23 January 2009

Butterfly cake and a whole lot of cleaning...

Today has been quite a busy day after not getting much sleep last night.  Yes, I stayed up very late to finish the middle part of my blanket.  Not too bright I tell you.  Especially since I had so much to do today for Em's party tomorrow.  To say the least, I am dragging.  I will apologize now for the pictures because I don't think they came out very well, but I wasn't in a mood to keep re-doing them.  Sorry.  :)

To start the day, we stayed home from swimming because we not only needed to get quite a bit done with straightening up the house but we also had to wait for UPS to deliver a new lens for Glenn that he ordered.  And of course you know it didn't not get delivered until well after when they normally come "flying" down through our neighborhood.  Anyhoo,  the house is spic & span (you could eat off the floor) and the cake is finished according to the birthday girls wishes.  It turned out fine but you can definitely tell it is homemade.  I cheated this time with the frosting and used the stuff from the store.  Blah!  I always make my own and I think it "behaves" better than the store stuff.  I have to get past that and know that the birthday girl is very happy and that is what matters.  The only bad thing is the cake is one layer and look at all those extra little cupcakes.  They are calling my name!  I've already told them to hush up but they are not listening.  So my only plan to get rid of them fast is to pawn them off on the girls when they come over for "yarn night".  That is what we are calling it now because you never know who is working on knitting or crochet.  I'm bad, I know but I do not need to add more "fluffiness" to myself.  Anyhoo, things are all decorated and waiting for the party goers tomorrow.  I just have to keep Brenna from tasting the frosting on the cake every time she goes in the kitchen.  That girl is a sugar NUT!  Lord help her!

Below is the (not so good) picture of the main part of the blanket I am trying to finish now.  Just the border and all the decorating to go.  It can't go fast enough, but at least this part is done.  (sorry for the whining)  Twelve skeins if I remember right.  Who knows at this point.  
Well, I must be off to the kitchen again to get dinner in the oven (tator tot hot dish, YUMMY!) and get a few snacks done for when the girls come over.  Can't wait to actually sit down and work on some crochet flowers today.  
Oh before I forget, the girls have now added to my list again.  When I was checking Lucy's blog yesterday, she wrote about her bathroom re-do and all the pretty colorful things she is going to put in there.  Awesome!  So bright and cherry!  Anyhoo, the girls now want me to make a flower garland thing with all kinds of pretty colors to put in their bathroom and hang them from the shower curtain.  Lord help me!!  We shall see.  Nothing is coming before my hexagon blanket, sorry!

Have a great night!  I hope you all get to sit down and do some Fab yarn stuff tonight or sometime this weekend!   Toodles ya'll !!!


  1. Could we have your daughter's birthday at my house next year? That way it would be nice and clean like yours and there would be a beautiful cake and lovely cupcakes sitting on my table waiting to be indulged in. I can't wait to see the flowers you are going to put on your blanket. I just love the colors. What yarn did you use?

  2. The cake and cupcakes look awesome. Your daughter is going to have a wonderful party. I love the blanket, very pretty.