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29 January 2009

Crochet hexagons, the new "infatuation"...

As one can tell, I could not hold off and take a night "off" from my crocheting. :)  After all the reading, bathing, cuddling, etc. was done I could hold out no longer.  The yarn was sitting there staring at me and telling me not to be a "slacker".  So off to Lucy's instructions I went.  I have this really neat book from Japan that has the symbol instructions for a hexagon blanket but after trying that out and Lucy's way, I chose Lucy.  It mainly due to the type of yarn I was using verses the type that was used in the book.  I am using Red Heart worsted weight and in the book, a DK weight was used.  I believe Lucy used a DK weight also but the difference in the patterns with the number of stitches used in the last 2 rounds is what made the difference.  The girls and I had fun trying to decide which color to use to start out and which to use next.  They decided that the idea that Lucy had with the same centers was their fav because all the hex's looked like little flowers to them. :)  So after finishing the first one I started the second and after the center the three of us were "debating" on which color was next.  Glenn ran out of his computer room and told us "Pick a color!  Just pick one!  Don't be wishy washy about it!  Just pick!  Stop debating!".  The girls and I busted out laughing because I am always telling him that when he can't make up his mind about something.  We laughed for the longest time.  Brendon just sat looking at us all like we were crazy.  Touche' Glenn, touche'.  The girls also want to see what all of the cut bits look like together, so I must keep them all till the end of the project I was told.  They loved seeing that on Lucy's site.  I will follow along with their simple request.  Simple things you know.  And it makes them happy.  Not too hard of a request with this one.  So above is the beginning of a master piece, in my mind.  And I can't wait to see where my mixed up little mind will take me with it.  Off we go!  :)
After all the gray days we have had around here lately, I could help but find a pic I took at the Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago.  These mini daffodils are the just the cutest little things ever.  I have got to find some to put in the yard!  I can't wait till the flowers start popping up out of the ground to show all their beautiful colors.  Don't get me wrong, I do like winter but the last two weeks really did me in.  The forecast said we may have a foggy, gray day tomorrow and I just slumped in the chair.  Blah!!  But Saturday will be (should be) gorgeous!  I will try not to be a "Negative Nellie" tomorrow.  All the lights will be on and the stereo on and turned up.  YEAH!!

I couldn't resist showing the cute little ducks that come into our yard every spring before "nesting" starts.  They wander around and the girls go out quietly and leave seed and bread for them.  The girls even make sure they have a dish of water to go with it all.  Brenna says their mouths get dry from the bread and they have to wash it down.  They are so awesome to sit by our front "porch" area and just watch them.  We always end up losing track of time while out there but such is life.  Hopefully they will be back this year again.

Have a great day all!  And keep on crocheting! :)  Must go bake some pumpkin chocolate chip bread!  YUM!

Toodles!  :)


  1. i am coming over. i am broed with my lines! hahah..

  2. I love pumpkin chocolate chip cake. Hubby made no bake cookies last night though and we OD'd on them. Bad news! We call them "fat butt cookies." I love your colors and I think it is awesome that you include your girls in the choices, etc. That way they too will gain a love for your craft and even take a little ownership in the finished piece. It will be gorgeous. (Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog -- you make my day, Kar.)

  3. The hexagons are beautiful! I need to make some just as soon as I finish ALOT of projects.