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12 January 2009

Good ole family time and the new blanket...

The last few days have been a wee bit wacky.  We went back to our schedule of swimming on Fridays and the girls loved that.  It was nice to get out and see other people again.  It is way too easy to get into the home body rhythm and just stay in.  Sticking to a schedule during the day really does help you get things done on the to do list.

I had to share pics of my little peeps.  I am doing a lot of sitting and staring at them again the past few days since it hit me that Em will be 10 at the end of the month and Brenna will be 5 in April.  I just wish they could stay little with all their cutesie-ness.  Don't get me wrong it is wonderful to see them grow and figure things out but I really do like my little cuddles with my favorite peeps.  Glenn and I were talking about how the kids would make up their own little ways of saying things after Brenna gave a new name to bangs after her haircut on Friday.  She was all excited about getting her hair trimmed.  We are always telling her to get a hair bow to pull her hair back before she comes to the dinner table.  Other wise there is no telling what kind of snacks will be in her hair for later in the evening.  So I decided to get some bangs on her to help with that whole problem.  When she came home to show Glenn, she ran up and said "Dad!  Look at my new snaps!  They are beautiful".  SNAPS?  Who knows.  My kids are different and there is no telling where they come up with the things they do.  They are my amusement in life for sure.  So all weekend we have been hearing Brenna tell all of us not to mess up her "snaps".  Glenn is calling her Miss Snaps now.  Hilarious!  So here are our favorite little sayings from our zoo troop:

*Brendon use to say his hands felt salty when his hands fell asleep.  Don't ask.
*Em would say her hands were twinkly.  Like stars I guess.
*Brenna now has her beloved snaps that you are not suppose to get near.

You just have to sit back and laugh at times and just enjoy what little time you have with them when they are so cuddly.  Here are a few pics showing off my cuddly peeps. :)
Em busy with her work.
Brenna with her new "snaps".

This is what I have done so far on the new blanket.  It is a variegated yarn with browns, greens and reds in it.  It will be fitting my queen bed when I'm done.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to decorate it with crochet flowers and embroidery work when I finish this main part.  There will be different color edging on it also.  I've been staying up late the past few nights trying to get as much done as possible.  Last night I stayed up until midnight working on it while watching/listening to Masterpiece Theatre.  The show was Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  After seeing the first part last weekend, I had to make sure I watched this week.  I really like watching those shows on PBS.  Don't know why but they pull you in.  Just like all the Jane Austen movies, you can't start watching and not finish.  Needless to say I was not moving very fast today after Glenn went to work.  I really had to get my tail in gear and pick up the pace to get things done today.  Anyhoo, after this it is off to get dinner ready, get pj's on, do reading time w/cuddle time and back to working on the blanket.  I really want this done fast so that I can get going on a hexagon blanket, like the one Lucy made at Attic24.  What inspiration!  
Sorry to run, but I must keep with my "deadline", whatever that might be!  TaTa!


  1. Oh, I love the colors in that blanket and those pictures of your girls are just precious!

  2. Your girls are beautiful. I love bangs on little ones. Love the colors in the blanket and I can't wait to see your next project.

  3. Hi Kar,
    Love your blog! I just got back to Florida from your area. Flew to Spokane and drove to Lakeside Mt. Our adventure! Tried to drive Christmas Eve. We got scared. To many cars on the side of the road. Stayed in Coeur d'alene. Went to Denny's for breakfast Christmas morning. They where closed. This wonderful women came running out of her house and asked us if we wanted to come in for coffee and muffins! We were shocked that someone would stop a car full of strangers and ask them in there home. She worked at Denny's and felt bad for anyone looking for somewhere to eat. That was the start of our white Christmas. We were in Montana for 2 weeks. I prayed for snow! And we got it. Being from Florida it was just what we wanted. We made the drive back Sunday the 4th. We made it thru the pass right before they closed it. We feel so blessed. What an adventure. Love your area.
    I'm sorry this is so long.

    Have a great day,

  4. Kar, you don't need a list like I do. Part of the problem is all the senior moments I keep having -- plus, I can't work on one project until it is done. I have to have several going. Can you say "ADD"? Holy cow! Have a great day!