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30 January 2009

Crochet hexagon progress ...

The hex's are coming along FAB!  I am trying to be spontaneous with picking the colors.  I catch myself becoming a "control freak" about it and have to stop and do "eeny meeny miny mo"  and use the color I my hand lands on.  Glenn thinks I'm crazy but other wise I will sit and debate what colors go with another.  I don't want him running back in the room telling me "just pick one". :)  Once was okay but I don't want him thinking he can be a wise crack with me all the time. hehe!  I must put my foot down! :)  Anyhoo, I am so tickled with the progress that I do a little jig every time I catch a glance at what has been done so far.  I have put this project off for so long and I don't know why.  Happy days!!!  Thanks again Lucy!!

Yesterday there was fierce game of Winne the Pooh Candy Land going on here on the home front.  It was a real nail biter between Mr. Bunny and Moosey.  At the end everyone had a blast and enjoyed the lovely sunshine streaming into Mommy's room.  Hopefully after lunch today it will be warm enough and no breeze so two little peeps can go out and get some fresh air while Mom gets a few bits of laundry done.  Yeah.

The sun is out and there is plenty of pumpkin bread to "snack" on.  I don't think it will last past tomorrow.  Oh well, we will have to find some cookies to bake or what Bev would call "fat butt" cookies.  The girls think that is funnier than anything.  Simple minds. :)  Well, must be off to finish some chores before I think about dinner.  Yes, I eat early because I can't stand being in the kitchen when I could be listening to music and crocheting!  It is an illness, but one I can and will live with!  :)

Toodles Noodles!!!!  :)


  1. Oh Kar, I love the way your hexagons are coming together. I'm the same way when it comes to colors: contemplate, contemplate, contemplate. I'm glad the girls got such a kick out of our "fat butt" cookies. I personally think they are very appropriately named as just thinking of them adds inches to my butt and I totally blame cookies for it. I believe I am the original Cookie Monster.

  2. HI Kar
    Oh your hexagon looks wonderful!!!
    Hugs Regina

  3. They look great...I'm going to have to show my sister, she would love to make a hexagon blanket. I can't wait to see the finished product.