"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 January 2009

Yummy yarn and colorful flowers...

Today is starting out to be dreary again.  It looks as if it is 6pm all day long.  Not so good for the spirits you know.  I really hope that the dear ol' sun pokes it head out soon.  I think I might twist Glenn's arm to go for a drive this weekend to go up, way up, in the mountains near our house just to get a dose of sunshine.  This drab cloud mess is just hanging over the valley and not wanting to leave.  If you go up to 4500' or more, beautiful sun all over.  That is my plan for now.  Until then I will just enjoy the pretty little picture of my day lilies from last summer. 
I think I might have tweaked my yarn colors for my hexagon blanket.  To be truthful, I don't think the poor little bag could hold another color.  So I will have to stop adding to it.  I didn't want anything too dark or too light.  I think this will do.  It will do.  Otherwise I keep questioning it.  Once again Lucy has added to my urge to finish the current project and start the hexagon and many more I might add.  I have to honest and tell that my true passion with yarn is making as many beautiful blankets as I can possibly manage in my lifetime.  The will more than likely be my "list" for the year with a couple of little knits added in.
So off to swimming we go.  I don't dare take anything with me for fear of it getting soaked.  So I must sit and chat with the others moms and wait patiently to get home to finish school work, laundry, dinner and get on with the yarn business!  Have a great day all, and by all means go by to Lucy's and check out her new blanket!  DROOOOOLL!!!!!  Or at least I did. :)


  1. What pretty colors! I haven't made a granny square afghan yet. Maybe I should add that to my LIST?! I can't wait to see yours come together.

  2. We have been having lots of sunshine with our cold temps. I'm still loving those colors and can't wait to see the finished product it's going to look great.