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06 January 2009

Snow and the need to cast on for another project...

Today we woke up to snow again.  I wasn't too bothered by it but Glenn wasn't excited.  I wouldn't be either if I had to walk in it all day long.  Tomorrow it will all be gone with being in the mid 40's again.  This is the most snow we have had in one winter for a very long time.  I'm not complaining because we need it in the mountains for the reservoirs and I like bundling up the girls and letting them go out to run off their steam in the back yard.  Just as long as they don't scream and squeal and have the neighbors think they aren't all put together.  Pet Peeve.  :)
I have got to get something on the needles to take with me while I'm sitting and waiting on the girls at their PE class.  They are doing Karate this month.  I like this class because they get to do a variety of things instead of getting burnt out from one thing.  I can see today when we get back home two little people will be going out back to "practice" what they did in class instead of trying things out inside.  Brenna was already pushing buttons with eating her oatmeal this morning.  She said it wasn't really what she had in mind for today.  She's only 4.  Cross your fingers for the rest of the day to be a bit smoother.  Off for more schoolwork now that "break time" is over.  I've got to choose which sock yarn to cast on with for today.  Decisions, decisions...  So many pretty colors to choose from!  I'll keep you posted on which little pretty got chosen.  Then I have to decide what will be for dinner!  Ohhh, a good pot of Chicken and Dumplings!  That's it!  Nothing like it I tell ya!  Well, off for more grand adventures on this beautiful Idaho day.

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  1. I can never choose what color for which project. I loved sending the kids outside in the winter to burn off the excess energy they had and it gave me a moment of peace and quiet.