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01 May 2013

Shiny and new...

I had been waiting for the past few weeks for the weather to be just right for a particular outdoor spruce up job.  And last weekend gave that to us.  It all started on Friday after lunch.  A little bit of prep work, sanding, priming and painting just to turn some unloved furniture back into pieces that no one would be afraid to sit on any longer.  

Good ole' chippy paint is just dandy up to a point.  But it's no good when your clothes are covered with bits of that chippy paint after sitting for a while.  The chippy had to go.  And I was a tad embarrassed to have the furniture sitting out front for all to see at this point.

Three days of wonderful, hard work that really paid off.  I love projects that get all of us girls working together.  The weather was perfect!  Lots sunshine, light breezes and temps that were just right.

  A few times I just took a moment or two to watch how hard they were working, doing a super-duper job.  A very happy heart.  The girls and I definitely went to bed early Sunday night after a job well done.

Now everything looks shiny and new.  Nothing to be embarrassed about anymore.

I know there will be mornings in the very near future where I will be found enjoying the morning light and the songs of birds, while sitting on our "new" furniture.

Now the temps need to cooperate and not be in the high 20's in the mornings for that to happen.



  1. Hi Karrrfeee! These turned out great!! I need some new cushions for my chairs, but they are just so darned expensive. I may just buy one at a time!! I don't have the old ones any more {long story}or I might consider making them!!

    Have a lovely day, my friend!

  2. Wowzer! Those look great. I can't even believe how the girls have grown. Where has the time gone????

  3. Beautiful! I love those patio pieces. I am so waiting for some truly warm weather - last weekend was okay, I sat outside for a bit, but I want warmth, sun....patio weather!

  4. They really do look new... wow. Good job. I'll bet it feels very rewarding to have gotten that done and have it look so good.

  5. Wow Kar, they look like new! I need to do something with the park bench I have.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous work! These chairs look so amazing. I love it when items you already have can be given a face-lift for a low-low price. :-)

  7. Wowser Kar they look like a brand new set. Great job! I know you'll be enjoying your mornings sitting there soon, yay!