"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

26 April 2013


Busy days have been the norm around here since the last time I stopped in.  It seemed like the days were going by faster than I could blink.

Someone turned 9 last week.  Nearly every moment of that day I was stopping and wondering where did the time go with this little bundle of spit fire.  She was asked what her favorite part of this birthday was and there was just one answer...  Everything!!  

That's my girl!  So full of life, happiness, adventure and stubbornness, all wrapped up in one little bundle.  She still wakes up every morning and exclaims "This is going to be the best day ever!".  Don't ever let that positivity go sweet girl.  It's a true blessing to wake up with that wonderful of an attitude every single day.

Enjoying root beer cupcakes on her special day.  The smallest little scoop of ice cream was added to the cupcakes after the candles were blown out.  Amazing how something so simple makes things over the top for a sweet little girl.

And as always, I had to look at pictures from days gone by just to see how much my littlest one has grown from just a few years ago.  There is a part of me that wishes that my sweeties could just stay little for a bit longer.

The rest of the time has been spent "playing" with our new toy out in the garden area.  It was brought home last Saturday evening and 9am the next morning everyone was outside putting it together.  Amazing how one little contraption can inspire everyone to get outside and try their hand at being green thumbs now.  At last count I think there were 50 different seeds planted once we got the little greenhouse put together.  It was a fun day spent with everyone.  Equally fun watching people get excited each morning to go see if anything is starting to sprout.  Happy to say there were a few teeny sprouts spotted yesterday.  Now I just have to figure out where all those plants are going to go when they need to be transplanted.



  1. Please wish your lovely daughter a belated "Happy Birthday" from me. You're so right about it being a wonderful thing to wake up so positively sure that this will be one's best day ever. It's a shame we don't all retain that childlike innocence as we grow older.

    I can't believe you got a greenhouse. What a great idea. I imagine you will take it down for the winter months? Or is it possible to keep it up all the time? What are you growing? I know exactly what you mean about going out every day to check on the progress of growing things. I still do that... every day. It's amazing sometimes the difference from one day to the next. Happy Gardening!

  2. Awe Sending Happy Birthday wishes over. Those cupcakes look amazing and it sounds like it was a great day! Time goes so fast...
    Love the greenhouse! Oh my I know you'll love it. I went out to water tonight and found the squirrels dug up my carrots and potatoes to go with the broken sweet pea plants...grrrrrr time to sit with the gun Elmer Fudd style

  3. Happy Birthday Miss B! I remember my 9th birthday. I got a bike. *wink*

    Kar, I can't wait to hear about how it goes with your greenhouse. Fascinating!