"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 April 2013


I woke up earlier than the rest of the crew this morning and took a moment to listen to the silence that was still in the house.  Rain softly coming down outside and everyone still wrapped in their warm quilts on this cool Spring morning.  I eventually convinced myself that it was okay to get out of the warmth of my blankets and start the day off in the quietness.  I eventually found myself in the craft room, opening the blinds, only to be greeted by my pretty tulips right in front of my window with a bit of sun peeking through the rain clouds.  Definitely a wonderful sight first thing in the morning.

But within moments the sun was covered by the clouds again, reminding me how fast things pass in life.

I pulled out the knitting I had started just the other evening, so I could enjoy what little light there was streaming in the window this morning.  Even if it were only for a few moments here and there.

That is how today will be.  Taking in the moments that will come to you ever so quickly.  Warm little hugs from those just getting out of bed.  Watching the rain fall outside while the flowers seem to enjoy their little bits of refreshment.  Snuggling in blankets and quilts this cool day while working on the ever so relaxing knitting.  Eating warm soup at the end of the day.

Enjoy what is in front of you during every moment of the day.  

That is what I will be doing.  And keeping a dear friend in my thoughts today.  Because she needs it no matter how far away she is.  Because I know she is remembering all those special moments in her life right now.



  1. love your new blog - the photos are scrumptious and that quilt under the knitting is so cute! I woke up to snow, again, and shoveled my driveway - definitely no tulips growing in my yard. But, I did go and just buy some :)

  2. Beautiful photos and post Kar! I am going to enjoy what is in front of me every waking moment.

  3. I love Tulips.
    I think they are my favorite flower.
    Your knitting project is gorgeous!
    Makes me want to run to my chair and knit away for a bit:)

  4. Another beautiful post, gorgeous blooms, and lovely knitting. You're such a dear friend and I appreciate that. xoxo