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15 May 2013

My chairs...

I've been doing a bit of sprucing up around here lately where the yard is concerned.  It's been rather enjoyable to say the least.  Things just seem a little less crummy without old tired furniture pieces sitting around the yard.

I have made it a point that this year the yard will be used more.  We will enjoy the outdoors more.  When it's not roasting outside.

So when I saw these chairs (kits) at our local hardware store, I could not pass them up.  They were screaming at me to take them home with me.  I did what they asked and a few days later everyone went back to pick out their own special color for their very own chair and ottoman.

It took a few days to make sure that things were done just right.  The results had to be perfect.  Well as perfect as can be in my world.

I am happy to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed our new chairs and have used them every evening for a week now.  Money and time well spent.  There is now a continuous debate over which color is the absolute best.

Just a bit of advice:
 If you get one of these chairs for your very own and want to paint it, follow these steps (as advised by our hardware guys).

  1. Sand all the pieces smooth once you remove them from the box.  It won't take much but it is worth the time.
  2. Don't put the chairs together just yet.  Get a good primer for outdoor wood furniture and apply to all the pieces in the kit.
  3. After the primer is dry and cured, paint on the fabulous color that you have picked out with a small foam roller brush.  Makes a really wonderful smooth finish on all the pieces.
  4. Once the paint has dried and cured, proceed to follow the assembly instructions for the chair and ottoman.  So darn simple!  I had helping hands which just made things go even faster.  I also put a teeny bit of Liquid Nails glue in all the places where the wood screws were used (advice from the hardware guys) just to make the chairs even more durable and long lasting.
  5. Place assembled chair where ever you want in the yard and enjoy.  You are so going to enjoy it!  Trust me.

I have now found my new favorite place to be outdoors while enjoying a bit of knitting or crocheting.



  1. dear kar,
    your new chair looks wonderful. i love the colors!!
    really great!!!!!
    have a nice restweek,
    love regina

  2. No way! Those chairs are amazing! And I want an entire rainbow!

  3. I love them Kar, they remind me of Door County! We've been doing a lot of work around the yard this spring, and with my parents moving in I'm sure we'll be using it more.

  4. I super love ALL of them, what a great and useful project. I can see you sitting there crocheting the time away...

  5. Hi there! Love those chairs and your blog is fabulous.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Such a happy crocheting place indeed! Thanks for the furniture tips.