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25 August 2013

This summer...

So many changes from the norm here this summer.  One big one was the amount of time we spent at our local library.  For 2 1/2 months we were there at least 4 days out of the week.  We are all on a first name basis with all that work at the library now.  I kind of feel like Norm on Cheers when he walks in the door at the bar.

I couldn't believe it myself until I sat down one day, a slow day, and that realization hit me.  So many programs were set up for the kids this summer at our library.  Crafts, parties, plays, science experiments, story times, movies, book clubs, gardening, outdoor survival and much more.  That's not to include the volunteer hours that Miss E had put in there and continues to do.  Miss B wasn't sure about the whole reading program at first and only put 5 books down as her goal for the summer.  But before it was all over she completed over 40 books.  Something pulled her into the whole reading thing I'd say.

Fun fact:  Out of the 1200 kids that signed up for the reading program, 400 exceeded their goal and those 400 kids read over 18,000 books this summer.  They were all treated to a big party and free books for that big accomplishment.  Awesome!

When we were home special pillow beds were made so books could be read to special companions.  Moosey is such a great listener.  

Miss E has now found her new calling all because of the Teen Writers Forum Club.
Will there be some best sellers in her future?  We shall see.  I'm quite impressed with what she has come up with so far.  One cleverly written poem has even won her a 1st place ribbon at the fair this year.  Not bad for a start.

Miss B would be just tuckered out from the things she put on her plate for the day while at home.  Reading, writing stories (just like big sis) while enjoying her comfy, soft area special made in the living room.  Imagination and creating things are so rough you know.

There was even a cake decorating event one Friday in which everyone enjoyed.  The pretty little creations sat in the kitchen with much debating about if they should be eaten.  All the cupcakes that have been made here since then have been quite pretty by the creative little bakers I'm now surrounded by.

The last summer event on Friday was a huge hit.  Duct tape creations.  This is definitely not the boring gray duct tape I grew up with.  Seriously.  Bacon, dill pickle, penguins.  Plans are being made for a new wardrobe piece by each girl for the near future.  Everyone has a bow tie special made by Miss B just so we can look fancy.

Just when I thought things would slow down a bit, the girls were given a new program calendar after this event, for the next two months.  

I'm tired already.  




  1. We spent a lot of time at the library this summer as well. Dear son did their summer reading program too and loved the Box Car Mysteries, The Ron Roy books and has started on the Magic Treehouse series of books. Congratulations to your daughter on her ribbon; that is terrific. Best wishes to you for a great Sunday. Heather

  2. hi kar
    that sounds after a interesting summer. congratulation to your daudghter on her ribbon,that is fantastic.
    wishing you a nice sunday,
    love and hugs regina

  3. What an absolutely wonderful summer you and the girls have had. It makes me feel peaceful and relaxed just reading about it. I think the Library is a very powerful secret these days. Many take advantage but so many don't and I think it's a real shame. So glad you and the girls know the real value in it. I've spent many hours there, too, this year and those have been some of my most treasured moments. I'm sure you must have "issues" like all of us, but it sounds to me as if you have a very wonderful life.

  4. Your girls definitely keep you up and going. Such energy and interests they have! Love all the creations and the yummy cupcakes. :-)