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21 June 2012

For Mom...

Mom's birthday came around while she has been here visiting.  I waited till she got here so that she could choose from several layer cakes selections that I've had sitting on the shelf.  After the choice was made it was off to cutting, sewing and hand stitching her present while there was down time in the evenings.

I'm just glad I was able to get it finished in time for her to take it home with her this weekend.  It's going to look great on her dining room table.  It was quite enjoyable putting this piece together for her.



  1. Beautiful! I love the pattern and colors.

  2. Just gorgeous!
    What a glorious gift!!!

  3. Your mom is one lucky lady. That is beautiful.

  4. What a gorgeous little quilt/table topper! Your mom is one lucky lady!

  5. Oh, what a joy! Your mom received a wonderful birthday present. You are such a talented woman, Kar.