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16 June 2012

Family time...

The past week has found us enjoying my Mom visiting us.  Lots of spur of the moments happenings are occurring here.  Including a trip north of us to enjoy a favorite area to go hiking in.

First there was a stop in town to enjoy Payette Lake and all of its quiet loveliness.  It's wonderful to go during the middle of the week when there aren't any tourists.

The bear sculpture was a must see.

Then off to grab lunch to enjoy at Ponderosa State Park.  Lots of wildlife to see.
Not including us.

And lots of beautiful views everywhere we turned.
Even though a few made me a little uneasy with the height thing and all.

A 400ft plus drop at the view point.  I didn't stick around for long.  Neither did wee ones.

Some exploring on the trail around Huckleberry Marsh.

And after a long day exploring and relaxing, we headed home.
There is still lots of snow up in the mountains.

A quick stop along the highway had to be made to see how high and fast the river was still.
Awesome power to be seen.

Of course someone has to get a little too close for my liking.

Back soon with some pics of what is happening in the craft room during down time.



  1. It's always super fantabulous when your Mom can visit. If she's still visiting with you, please give her my regards. I've not really done any hiking, but I'm always admirant of the views that can be captured from high up. I do like the mountains because it seems like everything is just much purer there, more unobstructed. Enjoy it for me!

  2. I wish I could visit one day! How beautiful is that land. Really different from what we have here next to the Mediterranean sea.

  3. hi kar
    what a wonferful place......i like the lake and i like hiking,too.thanks for sharing the pics from your beautiful land.
    have a nice weekend,
    love and bear hugs,

  4. What a lovely week you've had. You live in such a beautiful and serene area. It's wonderful that you take the time to enjoy it! I appreciate very much that you share it with all of us!

  5. You live in a beautiful place Kar and it looks like you are having a wonderful visit with your mom.

  6. Beautiful photos!! What a wonderful visit with your mom.