"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 June 2012


There have been improvements here in the last week that really have pepped up the mood around this place.  At least in my mind.  

*I'm finally finished with the yucky medicine I had to take in order to get better.  A big yippee there.  Not fun, seriously.  The side effects were the exact opposite for me and I think it made me feel way more ill before I got better.  :P

*The weather has turned cooler the past couple of days which I'm loving!  Windows are open and there is no need for the A/C.  I'm hoping it continues a bit longer.

*I've started my walking nearly every morning again.  A 2 mile walk is super awesome to start the day with.  Plus a few pounds here and there are starting to go away which is also way super awesome.  The P90X things wasn't for me.  Glenn has been doing it for 3 1/2 months straight.  Way to go Glenn!

*I'm nearly finished with the cabley, knitty project.  It has taken longer than I thought to complete this.  No thanks to a few mistakes on my part that meant some ripping was done to correct a few cabley errors.  There will be a break taken between this and the next two cabley, knitty projects.  There is only so much of the cabley stuff I can handle right now.  I have to move on to something with fabric, quickly!

And I'm enjoying lovely little bouquets that keep finding themselves next to the kitchen sink.  Miss B tells me that they will make me happy when I'm  in the kitchen making and cleaning things.  So far she's right.

Now I'm off to contact a city council person to see what needs to be done to inform residents of our town about the leash law our town has so that myself and other residents don't have to worry about going on our above mentioned walks and being bothered or attacked by other peoples dogs.  

Short story:  
While walking this morning I asked a lady to put her dog on it's leash (that was in her hands) so that it wasn't chasing the girls nor myself as we were minding our business during our walk/biking/roller blading time.  I was called a few vulgar names and was told that she paid taxes.  I tried to politely tell her that paying taxes doesn't exempt her from obeying the laws set for everyone.  More vulgar names were passed my way.

So now I'm off to make sure that everyone who pays taxes obeys the leash law in our town.

Happy days.



  1. That lady should keep in mind that owners paying taxes don't refrain their pets from chasing passers-by. Good luck with that.

  2. Now I know that you're feeling better - Officer Kar is moved to action! I want to know how it goes. I love the cabley thing and the flowers are a joy. (Last day of school for the kids is tomorrow - 1/2 day. Lots to do before then, but I'm excited for summer vacation.)

  3. Oh my goodness people like that just burn my biscuit. I hope you had some luck and on a light note, I love the color of your yarn.

  4. Then why did she have the leash in her hand! Can't believe she thought she didn't need to obey a law because she pays taxes. That's kind of scary. Good luck with your quest.
    P.S. Love your quilt in the header picture!

  5. I love the flowers in the ktichen and the quilt in your header.... beautiful, love it!
    Happy to hear you are feeling better and oh man good luck with your leash goal. I can't belive she yelled that she pays taxes...um who doesnt and what does that have to do it... sheesh. happy Friday buddy!

  6. Kar, I'm very proud of you for not knocking the crapola out of that lady. You too are entitled to a dog-free walk.

    Love the cably knitty thing!

  7. Good for you for telling that woman to leash her dog. If she doesn't want to leash him then she should either restrict her activity to her own yard or go to a dog park!! I hate when people do that.

    Love the color on your knitting...can't wait to see it all finished.

  8. Beautiful knitting and a lovely blog.

    We don't seem to have dogs wandering alone in the UK very often, it could have something to do with the patrolling dog wardens.............lost or stray dogs are picked up and there is a hefty price to pay to release them from the pound.........it's a great deterrent.

  9. I am so glad to hear that you are finally done with those nasty meds.
    Your project is such a pretty color!
    I love the sweet little bouquets too.
    Hope you have a very nice week.