"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

15 December 2011

Bunny advent Day 15...

Today's bunny is a bit different than the others.  There was no piecing, no patching or anything like that.  It was made with just one piece of fabric that had brightly colored trees printed on it.  Something simple.  Something quick.  All because we were getting an unexpected visit from little Connor and Em didn't want to miss a minute with him.

Today's bunny was named Bambi.  Thumper would have been too easy and expected.  Change things up a bit I always say.  Not alot just a little.  That's just how we operate around here.  The name was influenced by dear Dad.  Not one to blend in with the crowd.  Always daring to be different.  That is why we love him so.

For those who commented about how nice and tidy Em's bed always looks each day, it's not hers.  It is mine.  It's the only room in the house with decent light throughout the day.  Plus it has the Christmas quilt on it that I made last year.  Although Em's bed is nice and neat, the foot of her bed is covered with all kinds of lovies that she can't do without.  I'm surprised she can stretch out at night.  



  1. Well, I think Bambi both in name and in form are simply darling!
    Em sounds like me when I was younger...I couldnt leave any of my "friend" out of bed (and if one fell off in the bed in the night and had to lay on the floor all alone, I was guilt stricken all day!) plus I shared my bed with a Beagle that snored.
    I think the fact that I still curl up in a tiny ball when I sleep is probably due to my sleeping patterns when I younger:)

  2. Prairie Rose makes a good point. Hum, maybe that's why I curl up too. Maybe that's why I have this crook in my neck now too... lol

    Another cute bunny, Em. Way to go!

    When it gets a bit colder, you may have to share your quilt with these bunnies, Kar. To cover up their little feet. :-)

  3. Hello Kar,

    As always it is a pleasure to read, and check out all your latest creations. I start with the snowmen hats, simply adorable, your kids and their friends must adore all of these fun and wonderfully creative things you make for them. The quilt is a work of art and I love the colors. The bunnies are adorable, why are you making one a day, is it the countdown til Santa comes or someone having a baby?
    I myself have been doing a lot of traditional cooking, recently soaked some fresh ground spelt with homemade yogurt and made two banana breads. And the only thing I managed to make in the last month is a hat and scarf for a dear friend who is battling cancer. Wishing you a merry xmas and a happy new years.
    God Bless