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16 December 2011

Bunny #16...

Today's bunny wasn't too labor intensive.  Just a couple of long strips of fabric sewn together to make a piece wide enough for the pattern.  The best thing about this whole venture is watching the gears of creativity kick in and see how things turn out for Em.

So without any more delay we have...


I'm still not sure about the whole process of how the names come about.



  1. I have been super impressed with the names!
    Everyday I look on your blog at the bunnies and I say "Oh! this one is my favorite..." till the next day:)

  2. Keep it up Em!!! Great job!!

  3. Loving the bunnies!!!!!!
    Huckleberry Patch might be my favorite, although Bandit is pretty darn cute, too.
    Are you all dreaming about bunnies?
    This is just the funnest idea ever!

  4. Before I read your last comment, I was just thinking that Em comes up with the best names. Looking good, Lilypad. :-)