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13 December 2011

Day 13...

It seems the patchiness of bunnies could not be stopped as another was created after Em's digging through the scrap bin. 

Meet Sweetpea.
It's getting so hard to pick a favorite.
I'm not sure I'm going to even try.

After lessons were completed and dinner was put in the oven I found myself in the family room taking a break for just a couple of minutes.  During this brief moment of doing nothing I noticed that a little pony has taken up residence in one of the gingerbread houses that the girls made a few years ago.  How nice that a sweet little pony has found a sweet little home for the Christmas season.  You never know what you may find amongst all the decor that is about the house.  Little ones are always adding their own special touch to things.

I also couldn't help notice all the Santa's that have been made be each of the kids at particular years of their lives.  Brendon made his with all the outlines done in marker.  Brenna's was every so carefully colored, which surprised a few family members due to her impatience with projects sometimes.  And then there is Em's two Santa's.  One has stripey pj's and the other is in a Christmasey green.  The story is that when she was in public school she got finished with assignments way ahead of the other students that she was given another to keep her busy.  Apparently a third was also made and given to her teacher as a gift.

Now with my break at its end, it is now time to get back to the quilt while I wait for dinner to get finished.  It's so yummy.  Go to the link and check it out.  If you decide to try it you won't be disappointed.  I used thick boneless pork chops instead of the beef and added onions to the recipe.  I used my mandoline slicer to make sure the potatoes, onions and pork chops were a nice even slice through out the dish.  I can't wait for it to be done.



  1. Such cute Santas! And I do love the new bunny addition. Does Em handstitch her bunnies? Looks like your quilting scraps are coming to good use. lol

  2. I absolutely love those bunnies...I'm going to check out your dinner link...I love getting new recipes.

  3. Wow, she is like the Energizer Bunny! Just keeps going and going and going!! That is very impressive.