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23 January 2010

Some new things...

A new look for the blog (which isn't finished yet) and a couple of new creations.
Had to show pics of a few things that I have been busy with the past few days. A cute little neck warmer and a pair of wrist warmers to match.

I've been wanting to make up a few patterns from some ideas that have been sitting around in my head. So the last few days have been spent putting things down on paper and working them out with the yarn. My idea is to sell them for a few bucks here and there. I will let you know when I get it all worked out. It will be soon!

So with those made, another idea will be started later today. More of a manly sort of thing. Hopefully it will turn out well.

First there will be some baking in the kitchen on a strawberry cheesecake for some one's 11th birthday tomorrow. Exciting but kind of hard to see my little one get another year older. It's a mom thing you know.


  1. Hi Kar! I am feeling better, but still having to take it easy and not do much! UGH!! Not used to this!! Love your projects and I think it is a great idea to sell some! Your work is lovely!!

    Hope your weekend is going well! Your new blog look is great! I will be making some changes soon too!

    Love ya Gal!!
    Take care!

  2. Beautiful! I look forward to the patterns. Have a great weekend!

  3. love the new layout, very cute.
    can't wait to see your patterns.

    Have a great day!

  4. hi Kar! I just am getting out of my funk..barely. i love your photos! amazing! I miss you..i hope you are well. xo

  5. Nice springy blog! I love the neckwarmer set and look forward to your new ideas. :-)

  6. Good luck on that project that's going round in your head. Let's see what's it. And a happy birthday for your 11 yrs old "little one"!

  7. Love your new blog look! And I'm intrigued by the stitch pattern on the neckwarmer, very pretty!

  8. I just found your blog and it looks gorgeous! I can't wait to have a look around...if I can ever stop staring at your fabulous header.

  9. I like the new look! Very Birthdayish! Happy! I am anxious to see those new items and hear about your business adventure. I'll be back soon...Liz

  10. Boy I wish I knew how to use yarn...pretty colors!

  11. Hi just found you, lovely makes. Those neck warmers and wrist warmers, were they knitted or crocheted?