"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

04 January 2010

On to a brand new year...

I've been wondering over the weekend "where did 2009 go". You know the old saying about when you are a kid, time moves slow. But when you get older, it flies right past you at a 100mph. Well, I think it was moving faster than that. And to sit and think about Dec. is mind blowing. The time before Christmas was very stress free around here. But it was here and gone faster than you could snap your finger. WOW!!!

So then over the weekend, keeping with our tradition, the tree and all the decorations came down after New Years. Even though all the wonderful decorations make the house look so great, their time had come to go back into the boxes and bins.

I always forget about how much stuff we have when it comes time to put things away for another 11 months. I didn't buy any new decorations this year, except for the girls gingerbread house kits. But some how the bins seemed to be fuller than before. How does that happen? And just to make sure that no one was left out of all the fun of putting things back into the attic, bins and boxes where left on the floor until Glenn got home. Trust me, the tree box alone has to weigh close to 80lbs. Not joking. So it sat until there was help to shove it back into the dark, dismal attic.

Now we are left with a boring room (as the girls call it). They say we need to find some kind of decorations for winter to put up. Apparently there is no color in the house. I'm not sure I'm on the bandwagon with some of the ideas they are throwing around. I think I'm going to have to downsize the list. Otherwise I'm going to need more bins just to put winter decor in. Not sure Glenn will be so excited about having more stuff taking up more space in the attic.

I had to show the beautiful pictures of the snow that we got New Year's Eve. 4 inches when all was said and done. And every bit of it gorgeous! I was great just sitting upstairs watching it fall as I was knitting. Awesome.

After a really great weekend of just being with the family, it came to me that I must change a few things around here. No resolutions. They never work for me. And when I don't stick with it, I just get really miffed. And then it just gets ugly around here. Here is what I have decided to do though:
  • work out a wee bit more and watch what I eat. must get rid of a pooch that just hangs around and bugs me. I started this past weekend and since Saturday, I've lost 4 lbs.
  • not to drink any more soda. the stuff kills me every time I touch it. and seeing that I have added three pounds just from drinking that over the holidays, it's done.
  • knit/crochet some more
  • make sure that the politicians of my state know how I feel about the direction the country is going. not liking it in the least little bit and I will keep informing them. It's the least I can do to make sure our country is not trounced all over.
  • keep improving our homeschooling with the girls. I have a future astronaut and a archaeologist on my hands you know.
  • see more of our state again. love that!! I almost want to get snowshoes and head up into the hills before winter is over. crazy I know.
  • take more "deep breathes" when something happens around here and not freak out, except for when it comes to a crummy looking floor. sorry, I have to keep that up. can't stand dirty looking socks.
  • and knit/crochet more. did I already say that? wasn't sure. gotta have the yarn time!
Well, it seems as if I'm going to be busy again this year. But at least I'll have my crew with me, enjoying all the fun.


  1. Hey Gal!! Your tree sure was lovely! And I think your home is too! It doesn't seem drab to me, but cozy and warm!! Homes do look great in their Christmas attire, though! This year I am glad to get it down, and get on with the new year even though like you it all seems like a blur. I wasn't stressed either but it still raced by. What I really did enjoy and couldn't get enough of was hubby being home. We hatred for him to go to work today. Hmmmph!!

    Your snow pics are divine! Up at the hunting camp in north Florida they may have snow this weekend!! It will be in the 20's here tonight!

    Well, have a great week Kar!! Love your not resolutions list, too! Right there with you on some of them!!
    Love n hugs,

  2. I have some new years resolutions too, I hope to get around to doing all I need to do.

    Such beautiful pictures, kar, really lovely and so are the picture of your tree.

    xxx Alessandra

  3. Kar as always I enjoy your post! Your tree looked great but may I add that I love your hardwood floors. I always loved the tree lite up and the decorations but now that the kids are grown i don't display as much. As long as we have the lights I am happy! I don't like resolutions either I call them goals and my goal this year is similar to yours, have a wee bit more patience, crochet and sew more, sew and crochet more...lol I also want to start making cards,I send so many card that I thought I would make my own personalize cards.
    And yes time speed by like the silver bullet train! Remember wishing the weeks away so you could play all weekend, not we want time to stand still so we have more time to enjoy our passions like crocheting, knitting, baking, our children! My kids are 23 and 21 it went by soooooo fast! I enjoy the freedom I have now but there are days I long to hold a baby, brush a little girls hair, make cupcakes with my kids, teach them something, and make something handmade that they love! And then there are days that I see parents in the stores with there crying children and I feel blessed that I am finally free of all the muss and fuss!
    Wishing you a wonderful year and if I lived near by and had snow shoes I'd take that hike with you, I love nature, all of gods creations are gorgeous like the snow covered trees in your yard.

  4. I always hate the "taking down" of christmas,it is always a sad occasion for me and I do agree with your girls,that after everything is packed away,our house looks lonely and dark without all the sparkly lights.....
    Your new years list is alot like mine,a few pounds to lose and A LOT of craft projects(mainly knitting) that I want to do!
    To a New Year!!
    May it be a blessed one:)

  5. Wow, beautiful snow! The last soda I drank was on June 30, 2009. Supposedly I had stopped before then, but I went on vacation and forgot. lol You can do it! Now I just have to remember to drink more water. heehee

  6. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Snow always makes it fun! We had some, but not enough. I am hoping for more, soon! Can't wait to catch up and see what you have been working on. Happy New Year! Liz