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28 January 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

What a busy week we have had this week. I'm shaking my head when thinking that it is already Thursday. WOW!!! And January is almost over! I know time flies when you get older, but seriously I can't be that old. ;)

Sunday was for celebrating my little one's 11th birthday. Where has the time gone there? Before you know it, she will be an engineer working on a space program or something. (that's what she wants to be when she "grows up".)

We could only find 2 candles (I could have swore we had more) in this house. But Brenna had a brilliant idea and mentioned that the two of them standing together look like the number 11. So we went with it. Oh, it was so darn good. But I was good and have had only 2 teensy weensy pieces. A couple of big chunks were frozen for Brendon for when he comes home from Arizona. Can't leave the poor guy out you know.

Monday was great. Spent the entire day over at a dear friends house that we haven't seen for quite a while. It was great fun watching the kids run around, bake cupcakes, eat pizza, more running around, etc. My friend and I got tired just watching it all. There were two little punkins' sleeping in the back of the car on the way home.

Tuesday was a rush with lessons and PE and then a run to the store for necessities. Can you believe the girls actually made sure we had enough veggies to munch on at home? I know, my kids different.

Wednesday, another rush with lessons and then going to the store to buy this years tax program so that I can get that done today. Can't stand waiting. And why let the screwed up government hang on to MY money any longer than they need too.

When we got home there was a package waiting for us from Em's beloved friend Mary Kate. They have been friends since kindergarten and stay in touch even though Mary Kate now lives many states away. We are always telling them that they can move back any time they want. :)

So anyhoo, a lovely package indeed with all the brightly colored ribbon all over it.

And then a little one making sure the ribbon was cut just right so that she could wear it as a "hat" of some sort. She's wearing it again today as I "speak". Different I know. :)

Then there is today. We are going nowhere. I'm so going to be home bound. Then only reason I will walk out the door is to check the mail. I've got to get the taxes done, finish a project that needs to be mailed out tomorrow and then find the time to work on my pattern ideas that I want to get going on.

Then tomorrow and the weekend will be just as busy with lessons and errands again tomorrow. Saturday is an all day event at BSU for Junior Engineering day. And then sometime Sunday I will have to find the time to make 3 pies to take to the state house next Wednesday for Homeschoolers Legislation day to show our appreciation for the great laws that we have that enable us to have such great choices and freedoms in how we homeschool in this state. Besides that, I'm hoping next week will be so much quieter. I really need it.

Here are a few things that I have been able to squeeze in during late hours in the evenings since last week when things wind down and after the girls go to bed.

A lovely little neckwarmer in a lovely red.

Then a more manly version of a neckwarmer. Super easy.

Then a lovely pair of wristwarmers had to be made to go along with the red neckwarmer above. I made them a wee bit longer so that when moving around while outside the ends don't come out of your jacket. Don't want little breezes getting in you know. Can't stand that. :)

Then last but not least, a cowl for the lovely Mrs. Myers (Mom's neighbor and dearest friend). Once she saw the one I made Mom for Christmas, she had to have one. Just some weaving in the ends and it will be off tomorrow. The rust color is gorgeous.

I will try not to wait so long to update on what is going on around here. I had a conversation with Mom last night and she told me that she doesn't like it when she goes on the computer and there is no new post for the day. So I will try to keep Mom happy with a few more posts during the week. Remember, if Mom's not happy no one is happy. :) Don't forget!

I must run so that I can accomplish the rest of the day's list. I really want to get my pattern ideas down and finished so that I can bring them out into the world for all to see. I'm sure it won't be as grand as that sounds, but who knows. :)

UPDATE: It's 2pm and I am officially finished with taxes this year! WOO HOO!!!
If I could do a respectable high five with myself, I would. :)


  1. Hi Karfee!! Wow...you have been a busy little bee!! I have been real busy too...doing a big fat NOTHING!!! Except giving this 51 yo body time to heal!! Hopefully by this time next week the muscles they cut won't hurt any more!!
    I'm taking great pains to insure that I don't strain them at all!

    Love everything you made...always do! You blow me away with all that you accomplish! You are my she-ro!!
    Tell your sweetie Happy Birthday from your nutty Florida friend!!

    And Hi Kar's Mom!! Can you see me waving!!
    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!


  2. When have you found time to do cookin', cleanin' and all that other rot with all this lovely knitting? They are all beautiful Kar.

    Happy Birthday 11-year-old!

  3. I only get the "yucky" things done while the girls are sitting quietly at the dining room table working on lessons or reading. During that time you would see me zooming around getting things done before a question is asked. And sometimes I will get up early to workout and get chores going for the day. I get more done when everyone is still sleeping.

  4. Ha!! I know someone has probably already made up that word, but I have never heard it or even thought of it before so it is just for you Karfee!! I think I like it though!!

  5. beautiful knitting projects! You've certainly been busy =D

  6. Well a big HIGH 5 to you! ...for the taxes, the neckwarmers, the gloves, the restraint on the cheesecake, and for pleasing mom. :-)

  7. Love the neck warmers. I started making one for Jim because he walks so much in the winter, but I didn't like the pattern.
    Happy "belated" Birthday to your little one.
    I need to get busy on my knitting...Life just seems to be getting in the way tho.
    I love your new blog look.

  8. Oh dear, those neckwarmers are fabulous and the fingerless mitts as well. I have to learn to knit!!!!! I've left some sunshine on my blog for you http://sowhatchabeendoin.blogspot.com/