"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

02 February 2010

A little of this & that...

Can you believe I put the needles down long enough over the weekend to do a wee bit of hooky business? I was a little thrown off by it also. I think it has been since last August when I actually worked on a crochet project. It just goes to show that there are way too many things on my "gotta do" list. It's not a want to list anymore. It just goes to show that there are way too many great, wonderful, FAB things out there just waiting to be made by little ole' me.

But after two days of great hooky fun, I was drawn back to the needles because of a pattern I saw in a knit stitch book. At least these are the good sort of needles to have an addiction with. Not that they don't keep me out of trouble mind you. All one would have to do is look around my craft room and see all the trouble hooks and needles create for me.
So while sitting in front of the computer last night, making sure all the little notes get from my head to "paper" so to say, I had a lovely little visitor who just wanted to be in the same room as mommy. As I kept working a few little things out here and there, she was reading up on all kinds of animals and space facts and shared them with me as she went along. Nothing like being educated while soft, white, yummy yarn runs through your fingers. Happy times.

So back to a fast paced day today. Lessons, PE, book club and getting home later than I would like. Good thing dinner was put in the crock pot at 8:00 this morning. And all the pies for Legislator's Day were made yesterday. We ended up making more than the two we signed up for. Just in case there are some who signed up and then don't bring anything, like last year. Anyhoo, nothing like being up bright and early at the statehouse dropping of pies in the middle of rush hour, eh. At least that will be my only planned outing for tomorrow and hopefully the rest of the week. Cross you fingers, please. This home body really needs (wants) to be home with all that makes me happy.


  1. Its beautiful!!!
    Cant wait to see it when its finished.

  2. Great hookiness!!! Ready for some the same myself!

  3. That's what I like about you, Kar. You're so versatile! I want to be like you when I grow up. :-)

  4. Very pretty! I still haven't tried making anything with granny squares tho I really like how they look.

  5. I made a bedspread with granny squares many years ago, took me a couple years to finish, LOL,, I honestly do not know what happened to it! I wish I liked knitting better, I love the softness of knit, learned to knit and crochet when I was 10, crochet was always very fast for me. I am working hard to get my cross stitch done now, would be better if I stayed off Farmville on Face Book!
    Anyway thanks for the prayers, the Dr. scared me a little, got me thinking about how To Do lists are very important!