"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 February 2010

Taking it easy...

The fish hat was completed.
Meet "Barry" Barracuda.
Definitely a fish with attitude.
He patiently sits in a big envelope at the moment, waiting for the trip to the Post Office to start his journey to his new home.

Then there was lots of new creating happening during quiet hours of the evening while spending time with each other.

Another idea making it's debut onto the needles.
Lots of glorious color to gaze at.
Then receiving a beautiful heartfelt gift from my two little sweet peas.
A lot of thought went into this little gift and it is very appreciated.

Hope your week starts out as well as mine did!


  1. The hat is awesome!
    And what pretty beads and bracelet!
    My week started out quite nice:)

  2. That hat is just great! I am sure it will be a hit with its new owner.

  3. Kar, that hat is totally adorable!!!!!

  4. That hat is too cute! I love your banner Kar.