"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 February 2010

I know I promised to show these sooner.  Life does get a bit hectic around here from time to time.  

The girls love these shirts so much that I don't think they will just wear the shirts just for this month.  They are trying to come up with some more ideas for more shirts with more felt and buttons.  I love it when they get all creative on me!  They are at the perfect age to do things on their own (some what) and let those creative juices flow.  Awesome!  Gives you a warm fuzzy and all.

So over the weekend we decided to go to our favorite "quick" spot to go look at the valley and hills.  The sun had been out all day and wouldn't you know it that when we get up to the spot, the clouds started rolling in, fast!  It was cool seeing all the snow on the hills and falling from the sky.  Very cool!  And talk about being chilly too!  Wow!  Those winds were something with the storm coming in.  But it was nice to get out, smell the fresh air and watch nature happen.  One of my favorite things to do.
And Glenn just had to get a pic of me just standing quietly, enjoying all that was happening in front of us.  It doesn't happen often, the pics of me.  Feel lucky.

Have I told you before about how much I love the jacket I found while on vacation last spring in Oregon?  Wasn't sure.  Didn't feel a bit of the wind that was zipping around while it was on.  It goes everywhere with me when heading out of the house.  You just never know when you may need it.

So as the week started out at a fast pace, last night found us all wanting peace and quiet and going for a full force "veg out" for the evening.  Absolutely wonderful I tell you!

The girls were hidden away in their library.  They had pillows crammed in there as high as my knee.  Who knew I had that many floating around this place.  And can you believe there were two play ponies tucked in also.  One looked like he was guarding the popcorn bowl in the back.  Nothing like having a guard pony you know.  I just get tickled to see both girls enjoy reading and how Em helps Brenna with all the new words she comes across.  Love it!  Looks like the library shelves need a little straightening up here and there.  :)
Then there was myself sitting while listening to the Olympics, working another idea that popped into my head.  This one isn't taking long at all.  Which is good after I had to scrap the other idea for the time being due to the frustration that was plaguing me with the darn thing.  I just about took scissors to the white yarn I was working with.  Yeah, that bad.

At least now there is a cheery springy green flying through the needles.  You must be patient to see how it turns out.

Must be off again.  Dinner to get started.  Yummy, warm soup for a very chilly day we are having today.  Then there will be the workout to do.  I didn't work out a bit for the last 2 weeks and it's killing me.  I put  2 lbs back on, so I must get them off along with a wee bit more.

These beauties laying around in the kitchen surely aren't helping.

Chocolate with white chips and pecans 
Lemon Sugar

They sure are good but not for the workout process I tell you.

And then to see how things go for the day at the Olympics.  Quite exciting to see all those athletic people get out there, do their thing and be good at it.  You know that if I were to try the cross country stuff I would be the one laying on the snow so out of breath that my lung would just pop out of my chest and I wouldn't care.  I just don't know how some of these people do it.  Kudos to you all.


  1. Glad to finally "meet" you. The cookies and that green look lovely. :-)

  2. What great things in this post! I love the shirts and the yummy green yarn. When I look at yarn, I am always drawn to the green ones. Don't know why.

    Thanks for your nice comment. Since we moved back in July, I didn't really work that much at the shop. Maybe 3 days a week. We had two employees that were there. I was usually home before school let out (both girls are in school all day, they're 11 and 8). But maybe I'll have more of myself to give to them now without being so stressed. Have a great day:)