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10 February 2010

Handmade goodness...

Another fish hat down and off to it's new owner.  This one turned out bigger than Glenn's because of the "owners" big head.  I had to cast on more stitches and used a bigger needle because of the head size.  It looks like a flounder, laying there all flattened out.

There is one more fish hat being worked on right now.  It's about half done.  This next one will be different from the other two in that it was requested that it look like a piranha.  Still have to wrap my brain around that one in how to get the teeth made.  Who knows.  I'm just looking forward to going back to working on the things in my head before they drive me bonkers.  It doesn't take much.  I feel like a project hog lately in not wanting to make anything for anyone else until a few things get finished for little ole' me.  I'm allowed once in a while.
There was a little bit of creating from the girls going on here the past few days.  They both received a "make your own Build a Bear" kit for Christmas and we finally sat down to work on them over the weekend.  The girls loved it even though I had to take the animals to the sewing machine to make sure that the stuffing didn't come out from between the sewing holes that are on the forms.  Just a few final touches and the little lovelies will be ready for show tomorrow.
The weekend flew by way too fast and this week seems to be doing the same.  There will be some more crafting today after lessons.  Mostly of the Valentine kind.  Apparently we don't have enough hearts hanging around the house.  At least it's all bright wonderful color to look at when the skies are gray around here.  So no complaints there.  A couple of little shirts need to be decorated for the big day this weekend.  You must go all out you know.  And there will be some final decisions being made for a very low key "late birthday" get together this Saturday for an 11yr. old and 4 friends.  Must make sure there are enough goodies for everyone to stuff themselves with while hanging out and being girls.  Glenn was glad to hear he will be at work during the "fun".  You can imagine to sad look on his face when he found out he would not be able to be at home listening to all the squealing and such during the get together.  I thought I saw a tear in his eye.  Not.

Hope you have a FAB day where you are!


  1. The hat is so cute!
    And what a fun project with the girls!
    Having a FAB day here:)

  2. your kids' project looks so cute. i've seen those kits before...
    thanks for stopping by simply feather. you've got a cute blog here! i crochet a bit, but don't read patterns well. i'm working on it.
    idaho? been here since '96. long time. love it.

  3. The hat is too cute, love to see them on wearers. Must be fun

  4. The fish hat turned out lovely. And yes, you are allowed to complete projects for you too. :-)

  5. The hat is just wild. Maybe knitted triangles sewn up the sides and padded slightly might work for teeth. Look forward to meeting your new bears.