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11 February 2010

Moving right along...

Here are the little critters that the girls were working on.  They turned out great with all the little changes that the girls wanted to do with each of their friends.  Like I said yesterday, I took the little friends to the sewing machine and stitched the seams closed tight being that the hand stitching that the instructions say to do is not enough to keep all the stuffing in.  Even though the girls did a grand job on their stitching.  Brenna even had to add some jewelry to her friend that had to be stitched on in the end being that hot glue just didn't do the job.

I think they turned out FAB!!!

The girls finally finished their Valentines yesterday after all the goofing that was taking place in the dining room.  I must be honest in telling that I was having to take a few deep breathes after seeing all the glitter that was on the floor, even though the girls had plates that they were suppose to be working on with the glitter.  Luckily Dad came home about the time the creating was winding down and he took control of the cleaning supervision.  He later told me that I would have wigged out.  Love that guy I tell you.

So today there will be a few things heading out to the mail.  I think we might miss Valentines by one day though.  Oh well, at least they were made.  The house is all decked out with decorations and Glenn and Brendon are dodging dangling hearts that are hanging around every where on the main floor.  The perils of being tall you know.  And having those around who torture you with decorations hanging from just about anything.  We love our guys around here!  :)

Nearly finished with the knitting of the piranha hat.  I'm going to take the easy way out and make the teeth out of felt.  Now it's just down to how I want to do that and how many teeth there will be.  I'm definitely changing the eyes a bit also.  Hopefully that will all be done sometime today.  I'm hoping.

I was looking at the forecast for the weekend and it looks like the temps are going to be pretty decent around here.  I might just have to get out and go exploring with the gang.  I'm starting to feel the itch of being outdoors and the need to get out to see more than just what is around the neighborhood.  That is why I changed the blog pic today, in honor of the great outdoors of the grand state we live in.  Can't wait to be up in the mountains again.


  1. The critters turned out really well. I am very impressed with their sewing.

  2. Oh, I think the little animals turned out really good. The girls did a great job on them. Wow! I am SO impressed.

  3. Oh,the animals are so cute!
    And the picture at the top of your blog is so pretty,is that near your home?

  4. Love the stuffed critters. Your girls have your talent. Isn't that great! Oh, you knit so fast. Almost finished the hat already? Impressive.

    I also love the new header photo. So scenic. :-)

  5. Your critters are real cute and the piranha hat will be fabulous.

  6. Aww the girls bears are simply too cute :)

  7. Cute critters!! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I LOVE your blog header photo...it's gorgeous!