"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

19 February 2010

Why I love my husband...

I have to tell you what happened on Valentine's day that reminded me once again why Glenn is so special to me.  You must know up front that we only knew each other 1 month when we got married and everyone just knew that we wouldn't make it more than 6 months.  We are at 23 years now and counting.  

Glenn and I don't get into spending money on flowers, gifts, candy, etc. for Valentine's.  Never have, never will.  We just don't think that there is a huge need to go spend money on things that just don't really mean anything compared to just being there and loving each other every day.

I was sitting in my craft room trying to work out another idea that I had floating around in my head.  Everyone was just going around the house doing their own thing and seeing what was going on with the Olympics here and there.  Every once in a while Glenn would come in and sit across the desk from me, chat about anything and ask if I wanted anything to snack on, etc.  Then he comes walking in with his Ipod and asked me if I would listen to a song he really wanted me to hear.  Needless to say I obliged.  Soon after the song started, the tears were rolling down my face.  

Here's the link to the song.

No matter how busy, crazy things get around this place I know our love is still as strong as ever.
I love his humor,
the way he walks,
his smell,
his intelligence
and how no matter what, he is always doing more for his family.
I just love this man to pieces.
Always have, always will.


  1. I think all I can say is "Awwww,how sweet!!"

  2. You have met your true love. What an amazing life story! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Karrrrrrrrrr!!! How sweet!! I have such a great guy, too! He whispered in my ear last night before we dozed off "You know how much I love you?", "I'm the one who has loved you since your go-go boots and hot pants"! That was in 8th grade! Are we BLESSED or WHAT??!!!

    Love ya gal, and hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for you wonderful friendship!!
    You're the bestest!!

  4. How truly special! It's the little things that are important and your husband has it all figured out! Lucky you!