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15 January 2010

The big fish...

Here is what the hat looks like so far. Not too bad. It's just too darn cute I tell you. The colors are really cool. I'm really liking this yarn for it. I've got a few more requests within the house for a few more with particulars colors of course. We'll see how it goes as to when those get made up. The top fin was added last night with only the side ones to go. Hopefully those will be done by this evening when all is quiet in the house. Cross you fingers on that happening. :)

Things have been a wee bit crazy around here this week for my liking. Too much drama when dealing with our son. I just wish he would listen to our advice for once and grow up a little bit (too much to even get into). But at least all of that has not gotten in my way of eating better and working out. As of yesterday morning, I was down 10lbs. That is the most I have lost in a very long time. It was nice to see a weight that I haven't seen in a while. Crossing my fingers that a bit more comes off (and stays off).

Today is suppose to be so nice here in the weather department, so hopefully the Christmas lights can be gathered up from out front and put away. Don't want them sitting around until April you know. Maybe a particular 22yr. old can be persuaded to go on the roof and get the lights up there down. There is no way you will find me up there. Not that crazy yet.

I'm hoping some outside time down by the river can be accomplished this weekend. We are really missing the outdoor adventures that we love to go on. Everyone here is ready for some sunshine and fresh air along with some birdwatching. Hope all of you will have a FAB weekend also!


  1. Well hellllloooooo Karfee!! How's my girl doing? 10 pounds...Way to go!!!!! Believe me when I say I know how hard that is to do!!

    Love the hat you're working on, but adore the shrug!!! And the color of the shrug is awesome, too!! Man your needle really does fly, huh?

    Feeling much better. Hopefully by Monday I'll be close to 100 %!! This taking it easy thing just isn't quite so easy!!

    Sorry to hear about your teen issues...we're living proof that you can survive...3 down one to go!! LOL!!!

    Hope your weekend is awesome gal!! Sure is great to visit!!
    Love ya,

  2. That hat is just too funny! The yarn is great......way to go on losing the 10lbs! That is awesome.

  3. This hat really is cute! The more projects you manage to finish = more requests and projects to fulfill. Especially when you're as good as you are. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. CUTE hat!
    LOVE the yarn,what kind is it?

  5. I'm using Red Heart "Heart & Sole" sock yarn (2 strands held together) for the hat. I've just got one fin left to do.

  6. Love the shrug! Looking forward to seeing the finished fish hat. LOL

    TEN POUNDS?! Lucky you! I've gained back everything I lost while Sam was out of town on his motorcycle trip. I just can't eat where he eats and even keep even. Ugh!

    Hope you get to spend time near the river this weekend!