"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 June 2010


Yesterday found the girls and I at the fabric store looking for some goodies to create with.
It felt like ages since we had been there, looking through all the gorgeous colors and prints.
It felt good to just go through the store, see all that eye candy and get our fill of things.

They girls have been pleading for a few summer dresses and as of yet, nothing.
So we looked through the patterns.
They both settled on the same pattern.
Something with gathers, layers and flowing summery fun.
Then we went looking for just the right fabric.
One had to have something purple.
And the other had to have something pink.
I think they made fine choices.  Of course I had to put my opinion in, just a wee bit, but still let them be independent with their choices.
Brenna went all pink, while Em decided to mix a couple of colors in her choice.
I could not resist making some choices of my own once I found these lovelies.
The two grabbed me and would not let go.  So off I was to find another color to go with them.
I think the blue will look great them for a second dress for each girl.
I have not sewn for the longest time and it really feels great in a way to dig every thing out to begin these new creations.
The long wait at the cutting area was so worth it.
And the girls were so good about patiently waiting for their picks to get cut.
There were some interesting little conversations going on amongst the 3 of us while waiting.
Especially from the wee one.  
You just have to smile and wonder how they come up with their thoughts.

I will be finishing this lovely today.
An absolute must.
Once I find just the right edging to put on it.
It's been washed and is waiting for the white edging that will make it just perfect.
I had to make sure that there wouldn't be any bleeding from the red onto the gorgeous crisp white when finished.

Then there will be some soothing, happy time with all those pretty fabrics.
I'm so glad that there are no plans to leave the house for the next few days.
Some good ole' sewing going on with some gorgeous fabrics.
I feel like skipping around from all the giddiness.


  1. Can't wait to see them finished. What great choices they made for summer.

  2. Can't wait!
    I love the things you make, Kar. Colorful, cheerful and fun.

  3. Your girls have good taste! Can't wait to see what you come up with. :-)

  4. How pretty, Kar! I bet they will love twirling around in their new dresses. Can't wait to see them!

  5. So many pretty colors and patterns!
    I like the fact that your girls are ladies that know what they want;)
    I love the fabric that you picked!! SO cute!
    (sigh) I need to go to the fabric store one of these days(my second favorite place on earth after a yarn store;)

  6. All of you have good taste, that's a crafty family! My favourite is the flowered fabric, very chic.