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28 June 2010

More pretties...

First off...
Thanks to all my bloggy friends for the birthday wishes!  You guys are awesome!
Absolutely wonderful!

Friday was a great day with the family.
Great food, 
simple family time 
and some pretty great cards from my crew.
Always heartfelt and some rather funny.

Case in point, the one from Brendon.

I swear he must have the ones he picks out special made.
Whenever someone in this family gets me laughing so hard that I can barely breath, I always tell them to stop before I pee my pants.  You know, laughing so hard tears are rolling down your face.
Brendon said he just couldn't resist this heartfelt piece of art just for dear ole' Mom once he saw it.

Both pies are gone.  There was nothing left after Saturday.
I must tell you that the recipe makes 2 pies.  The pic in the last post was the pic from the recipe site.
There is no way that mine would look anything like the recipe pic nor would I have the time to pretty things up like that with my crew drooling all over waiting to dig into them.
Just not worth the time you know.

We went to the antique "mall" again yesterday.
All of my "dream" pieces were still there, waiting for me to come up with large sums of cash so I could take them home.  I'm afraid they may have to wait longer than they think.
But there were a few little pretties that were much more reasonable that found there way into my hands and back at the house.
All together $12 spent.
The cute little colander is now a cute little planter out back, with some bright cheery blooms in it.
I was home no more than 5 minutes when I was placing coffee filters along the inside to keep the dirt in and putting the little plant in it's new home.  
Love it!!!

Then there was the small "child's chamber pot" that everyone was mortified that I even touched.  That soon will become a planter out back.  It will have to wait until the next trip to the garden center to find just the right plant to put in it.  Glenn and the kids think I'm a few sandwiches short of a picnic with all the ideas I have lately for planters.  Believe me, there is more to come.  Why keep using those boring, plastic things that just have no character to them.  Not for me anymore.  My crew is worried that I will clear out the kitchen and everything we use in there will be sitting out in the yard some where.

Then the last little find is the little white pitcher that is sitting in my craft room right now, patiently waiting for me to decide what kind of "job" it will be taking up soon.  I have to think about that one for a bit and see how it speaks to me.

There has been some pleasant hooking going on through out the weekend.
Some more dishcloths (24) were made to sell at Julie's shop and then a wonderful red piece was started so that it can find a home with a dear friend in a couple of days.
(red heart creme de la creme, bowl of cherries)
I'm kind of making it up as I go, so who knows how it will look in the end.
I will show pics though when it is finished.

Well, off to attempt to do my yoga this morning.  The ankle is feeling much better, so we will see how it holds up.  There won't be much outside stuff accomplished here today and tomorrow due to the intense heat we are suppose to have.  Near 100F!  Not happy about that one bit.  Dinner is even in the crock pot as we speak.  The windows are open for now to let in all the cool morning air in.  But that will end in about an hour.  Plus there are so many mosquitoes out right now that you can't go out anytime of the day without them swarming all over you.  It's so bad!
So inside things will have to do for now.
 I got a gift card from Joann's for my birthday that may have to be used tomorrow, early in the day.

Here's to a FAB week!


  1. i'm LOVING the creative planters, Kar!...especially the colander! i was just telling my daughter the other day that i want to go antiquing and find some unusual things to use as planters :)

    as always, i love the crochet. the red/pink combo is so cheery! it's amazing how easily addicting the whole crochet thing becomes... i've started to feel naked without a hook attached to my hand :)

    so happy the ankle is feeling better!

  2. What an awesome way to use that colander. Love it!

    I've used that cherry yarn and BE CAREFUL! It bleeds something terrible. I didn't even think about it doing that and tossed it right in the laundry. You can guess the results. UGH!

  3. P.S. Soak it in vinegar before putting it through the wash. That may help too.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I am so glad that your day was lovely!!
    Love your planters and your washclothes.
    I cant wait for cooler weather as well,I am not one that fairs well in warm weather as well(I'm melting,I'm melting!!!)

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. Yay to finding new treasues. It's always so FUN! I love your new creative planters and am looking forward to seeing what you decide to plant in them.

  6. Well, a most happy belated...I am still laughing at the card. I love the little white jug. I seem to pick up a lot of jugs at the antique mall or my favorite vintage store....and finally, men just don't get it!!

  7. I think I'll get concerned if you tell us you found a bathtub for your back yard!

    Always enjoying all your little pretties.

    Happy Belated Birthday! That card is a riot! :-D

  8. Happy belated Birthday! What a lovely weekend you had. Love the "planters!"

  9. Love the card and those finds of yours. Pretty colors for the dishcloth. I noticed mine are pretty awful...I need to get the needles going. I'm glad your birthday was nice.