"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

14 June 2010

Some slowing down...

The weekend wasn't as quiet as I would have liked.

Errands were accomplished.
Like getting a few necessities from the grocery store, 
mailing Mom's birthday present off,
(I ran out of wrapping paper, so I used some bright, cheery fabric that was sitting around)
a quick stop at Julie's to pick up some flowers for the weekend.

Then after saying I wasn't going to go down the hill to watch the parade,
I got the puppy eyes from two little girls.
Then dear ole' Dad had to add to the guilt trip about memories of summer, yada, yada, yada...

So Saturday found us sitting along the road in town, in front of Julie's shop.

Eating sandwiches,
watching the old cars,
(Em's favorite.  It's purple.  Brenna wants a pink one.)
trying to spread the joy of flowers with others
and waiting for all those fire trucks and water trucks to hose "you" down and become one big wet mess.
Notice who wasn't right up in range of the water.
It wasn't happening.
At least the girls had fun hanging out with Julie's daughter, trying to convince whoever was on the trucks to soak them until they looked like they jumped in a pool.
It funny to watch and hear them squeal when the streams of water came their way.
Silly girls.
To say the least, everyone was tuckered out and called it a day early in the evening.

But then Sunday was a busy day again after we realized that there were some repairs to be made to the sprinklers in the garden area.  Apparently when preparing the garden, a few holes were poked into the line that feeds the garden.  One would think that the lines would be buried just a wee bit deeper, but not this one.  I just shook my head at another one of those moments of "did they know what they were doing".  I have to wonder at times about the people who did things around here before we bought the house.  I swear I have my moments when I think that buying a preexisting home is not a good idea.

So after a wee bit of digging, going to the hardware store to get a few more pieces of sprinkler parts, a wee bit of yard work, there was just some good ole' sitting on the back patio watching the birds and enjoying the breeze.  Then after a bit there were a few people calling an end to the day early again.

I'm hoping for a much quieter next couple of days here.  My ankle needs it and the poor little baby blanket needs some more attention paid to it.
Cross your fingers.


  1. Looks like fun to me -- from a distance.

  2. ok... now i really want to go out and buy some fresh flowers for the house. i'm way behind on my gardening this year, and sadly missing it!

  3. Yes Miss Karrrfffeee! It definitely sounds like a bit too much activity for someone who is wounded!!

    Rest those puppies so it can get all better!!

    That fabric on your Mom's gift is so pretty and what a great idea! And lovely flowers in a vintage jar...what could be more lovely and cheerful???

    Hope your week is wonderful, gal!!
    Mine will be very busy!!
    Love ya lots!

  4. How cute is that package!!! So sorry to hear about your ankle. That is just awful. I hope you're on the mend and your old self in no time. :)

  5. love the flowers and the fabric wrap, they match!

  6. We have been trying to take it easy too, but going to the pool is still work, and the weekends with parties, and stuff, I am crossing my fingers for you.

  7. Yes,you certainly need to rest!
    It does look like the girls had a delightful time though! (I can almost hear their squeals;)
    LOVE how you wrapped your mom's gift,so very pretty.

  8. I've been doing that with the grandkids gifts and for some reason they seem to love it...at least the girls do. Love the fabric you used it makes for a beautiful gift. What a fun parade and the flowers are beautiful.