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04 June 2010

Some "new" old stuff...

A few days ago while at the store, the girls found some polka dot plants for themselves that they could not live without.  After picking out just the right ones, not too green and just the right amount of pink on the leaves, the girls needed to get pots that they would fit in.  That was a whole new problem in itself.  Where do you find a pink and purple pots?  No where to be found.  And I'm not paying an arm and a leg for two small pots.  So this is what was decided...

You go pick out the right size, small plastic pot ($1).
Then you go and pick out a can of this, in the right color of course.($3 & some cents)
And after a few coats and a little waiting, this is what you have.
Ta Da!!
Perfectly colored pots for each girl.
Gumdrop purple and Fairytale Pink.
All is good now.

Then of course that got me thinking of a few things in the back yard that just totally creep me out.  So of course we went back to the hardware store for a few more colors for a few pieces of "junk".

A really gross chair, plus a few more like it.
And one crummy looking "white" table.
Now look like this.
Lots better!

I really like the colors!
Of course there is a Fairytale Pink chair.
One Gumdrop Purple chair.
One Blue Hyacinth chair.
And one Honeydew Green table.

There are a couple of more chairs to do.
But they will have to wait until we find just the right colors for them.
I saw on the Krylon site that they have a color called Watermelon.
That might be a possibility.  Now I just have to look for it or just have the hardware store order it for me.
I'm thinking it will just be ordered.  Don't want to run all over the area for one color that might not be there.  No.  Not happening.
So those chairs will have to wait to be seen.

Then after all that "new" stuff, there were a couple of wood table tops that were done a nice 
Buttercream Yellow.  You can see those in the pic with the plants.  

Then last but not least for the day,  there were a few critters that needed a face lift of sorts.
They were looking a little too shabby to be hanging around the yard.
So a couple of coats later...
And they are looking very dashing!
We have to work on the other two piggies that have small cracks on them.
Then they will be ready for their new look.

It's raining all day here today.
So for now everything sits under the patio so that the paint can cure a bit.
Don't want to ruin all that hard work.
Can't wait to have all that nice "new" stuff brightening up the yard soon!


  1. Spray paint is better than duct tape! LOL!

    We've bought and painted several dozen flower pots this year. All came cheap from garage sales. Your pots and patio furniture looks great!

  2. What a fun thing!!
    I must try that one of these days.
    Once again,Kar you have inspired me:)

  3. I love all of your "face lift" projects! So colorful. I recently was gifted a cool table and chairs for the deck. A little rust and lots of faded coloring so I'm hoping to be able to fix that really soon. My deck has been totally empty (except for the two herb garden containers) for years and I've finally got a table/chair set - minus the cushions. So a spray paint project and a little sewing might be just the craft project I need. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  4. The beauty a little paint can create.

  5. Hi Kar,
    I think it looks much better after the face lift!!!
    I love it!!! Great job!!!
    Have a wonderful sunny weekend my friend!!!
    Bear hugs,Regina

    today we have 27degress for me is it to hot!

  6. Looking good! I need to paint my daughter's desk chair to go with the new room. I'm going to have to search out this spray paint!

  7. Oh I love all your new - old stuff! I've seen tv commercials about that paint, but right now have no need for it. glad to see it covered the resin well.