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08 June 2010

Slowing down...

There won't be much going on around here for the next few days.

Late yesterday afternoon I thought it would be really great to go and sprain my ankle.
Yeah, I'm weird like that.
All I was trying to do was finish planting my onions and strawberries.  One wrong step coming out of the garden area and down I went.  Glenn was out there with me and he heard the pop.  Needless to say he had me inside in a flash putting my foot in a ice bath.  Good thing because just the minute that it took him to get me inside, it looked like I a had a tennis ball where my ankle should be.  Because of the ice bath, there is literally no bruising.  Thank goodness.  Just sore and tender.  Can't walk much without it aching afterwards. 

So you know what that means.  Some good 'ole yarn time with the foot up.  What an awful day it's going to be.  :)  No sense in wasting an opportunity I say!  I have to take advantage of all the yarn time I can you know.

Glenn has already called several times this morning to see how I'm doing because he knows I will probably try to over do things.  Not today.  Glenn and the girls made sure last night that my to-do list was taken care of.  I'd be in so much trouble if I didn't have my wonderful peeps.
 To tell the truth, I am bummed that I can't get out and work in the front yard like I wanted to.  I've got so much I want to do out there.
Maybe by the weekend when it warms up again.
Today we are suppose to be in the upper 70's with lots of sun
Tomorrow, low 60's and rain.
For the next 3 days.
More yarn time!
How could one complain?
I'm not.
Until I try to walk that is.


  1. Oh Kar, I'm so sad you sprained your ankle but if you must take a few days with it propped up to give it a rest (and work yarn wonderment) then so be it. ;-)

  2. Oh,Kar!
    I hope it heals fast!
    If it had to happen,I am so glad that Glenn was there,and what a sweet man he is to make sure you are cared for.
    You are blessed to have your 'helpers'
    You take care of yourself!
    Looking forward to all the pics of your finished projects!!!

  3. oh no... that's terrible =( I hope you heal right up quickly! I know from experience how NOT fun sprained ankles are. Can't wait to see the great projects that come out of this though.

  4. Sorry about your fall, and I hope your ankle heals very quickly.

    Last time I got some really good yarn time, it was because I'd had gall bladder surgery. Like you said, you have to take advantage of the down time somehow.

  5. Oh the things you will create! Your hubby sounds like a sweetheart. I'd just prop my foot up and go to town with the yarns. Did they give you a special bell? LOL

  6. Oh oh! hope the ankle is doing better. No planting going on around here...It's been either snowing or raining for the past month. Sigh.

  7. I'm sorry about your ankle...I hope it's healing. I've been MIA lately on the blog reading. I enjoyed catching up here. What a little paint will do eh?...Nice!
    I don't think I could handle a game 7 either, my heart just can't take it :)

  8. Take good care of yourself and I hope you'll be up and running soon.

    Warm get well wishes......


  9. Oh, my...I am so sorry you sprained your ankle, dear Kar. I know what that is like. Take it easy and enjoy a little TLC and hooking time!

  10. oh goodness, how awful! i did that once...while on vacation. it was NO fun at all, and so incredibly painful. i hope it heals up soon.