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01 June 2010

A grand weekend...

The past five days were absolutely fabulous around here.  Glenn took time off so he could have a long weekend for Memorial Day.  We were planning on going down to the City of Rocks a few hours away from us, but the weather did not cooperate with us.  That will have to be planned for another day in the near future, I hope.  
But all was not lost.  We went rock hounding just across the state line in Oregon on one of the days.  The kids found a couple of leaf fossils and a twig fossil.  So it was all good.  We had a nice day out with Brendon.  He's just been a real pain lately.  So it was wonderful to have the old Brendon for at least one day, enjoying the hiking and exploring with the rest of us.  

It was grand to have him along also for the fact that there was a flat tire that needed to be changed before we headed home.  Brendon had never changed one before.  No time like the present I said.  I supervised while Glenn helped a wee bit.  I could have done it but why not teach your kids to be self sufficient when the times allows.
  I found out today after taking the tire in that there was a weak spot in the middle of the tread and air was leaking out of the tiny crack there.  You could clearly see the outward bulge on the tire when air was put in to check it out.  Fabulous.  We are just glad nothing happened with that tire on our big trip in April.

A stroll through a dried up creek bed where there was agate to be found.
And a quick visit through the canyon, listening for snakes.  yippee. 
None were to be seen thank goodness.
There were some pretty little wildflowers (weeds) to be seen.
These reminded me of little cheery buttons.

There was also some wonderful antiquing time that was accomplished.  Just a few little treasures, nothing bank breaking.  Pics of them tomorrow hopefully if there is better light streaming in the house.  I did see some really fabulous farmhouse style cabinets that I would love to have.  But that would require a small win in the lottery in order to acquire them.  Boo.
Glenn saw some treasures he would have loved to have had.  But they were ridiculously priced and the owners were not willing to come down on the price.
It was just not meant to be.

There was alot done in the yard work dept a couple of the days.  The butterfly bush that WAS 10ft. + is now knee high.  It was well past time to trim it back.
I was finally able to get the little buckets on the fence planted and add the cute little red & white impatiens to them.  They look wonderful now.  It just doesn't seem finished in the yard until those little buckets get filled with color.  They are ready for summer now.
There are three buckets that are in sun all day long, so they always get different kinds of flowers then the rest.  Nothing wrong with a bit of different color going on.
Especially when the verbena are a gorgeous orangey color like this.
Then of course there is the wonderful smelling dame's rocket that grows in the corner bed in the back yard.  It stops me in my tracks every time I get near.  You don't have to get very close to enjoy their wonderful fragrance.  I stand there for the longest time smelling them before I realize I got totally sidetracked by them.  And who could resist their fabulous purple color!  Not me.
And the weigela is smelling rather divine also.  It's looking great with all its blooms.  The hummingbirds are loving it.

Pretty darn good weekend if I must say so myself.
Now I must be off to finish the last row and a half a another little tabley pretty that I started over the weekend.  

I just can't get enough of all the bright colorful cotton yarn that is surrounding me in the craft room.  I might just have to start one of those shawls tonight that I showed you the other day.

I must tell you that crock pots are the most wonderful thing in the world here lately.  They really help free up alot of time for yarny creations after lessons are done, a trip to the library is accomplished and the housework is finished.  Three cheers for crock pots!

Little found treasures tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like the whole family had a grande time together this weekend. Again, the flowers are gorgeous. I love the "tabley pretty" that you're creating. :-D

  2. City of Rocks is SO neat!
    My hubby took me there the first year I lived down here.
    But,You all certainly had an awesome weekend.
    Agree with Libby,the flowers are lovely!!

  3. Thanks for taking me on your little trip. What a fun time I had tagging along on your little day trip. Just what I needed this morning. Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I love the "granny on the table". I just love all the colors.
    Marilyn in NM

  5. Love all of the projects you've been working on.

  6. The flowers look gorgeous! Love the idea of hanging buckets - really cute =D