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24 June 2010

Not taking things too seriously...

Since last weekend things around here have been pretty relaxed.
Trying not to take things too serious.
Just letting things happen.

There's been lots of creating with Ello sets,
picking the right pieces,
watching where you step in the bedroom.
Heavens knows you don't want to be "Godzilla" and completely trounce all over a town and all the little people you know.

There's been some "camping" going on around here with the girls and I.
Safely on the deck, away from sprinklers that go off in the middle of the night and other things that wander in the night.
There will be no more sharing one big air mattress for all three of us.
Everyone will have their own for now on.
You have to love little ones moving and shifting, making you feel like you are on a trampoline in the middle of the night.  Not.
It was nice listening to the frogs and bugs and hearing the girls talk about how beautiful the night sky looked with the light fading at night.  Feeling the light breezes go through the tent.
We will surely be doing more of that in the near future.

After it cools down just a smidge.
I was not happy about the 93 degrees F we had yesterday.

I've been enjoying my flower boxes on the deck with all the wonderful yellow and purples blooming all over.
We are getting a second showing from the little yellow daisies, which are FAB!

There has been a few new dishcloths made with some really snappy colors.
Nothing like bright pretties to liven up dull kitcheny jobs you know.

I've finally been thinking about what projects I can do with these lovely little books I got back in February.  Can you believe they have been sitting around waiting for me to make up my mind.
Quite sad.
I've got some ideas.
I'm just waiting for some yarn that is backordered in 3 shades that are quite important to the creation I would like to attempt.
Hopefully it won't be much longer.
Not sure if I can be patient much longer.
Complete torture.

Em found a wonderful little book at the bookstore last weekend.
Very cute little critters in here.  I'm hoping she will get a few done.  Soon.
Sometimes she gets side tracked with new ideas and things don't always get done when she says they will.  We will see if I can keep reminding her to stay on track with her "schedule" for creating.  There may be a few (10) animals taking up residence here if Brenna has control over the "list".

My favorite little guy, for whatever reason, is this lovely little bit of brightness.
He would look awesome in all kinds of bright colors!

Well, off for some bits of yard work before the heat kicks in this afternoon.
Then it will be back inside where it is comfy.
And helping with a Creamy Lemonade Pie for tomorrow.
More on that...

Toodles for now!!

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  1. Oh camping on the deck is a wonderful idea. I guess I'm too big to do that now. You're got a great excuse...kids! LOL Love the new dish cloths that are blossoming. :-)