"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

06 June 2010

So far...

this weekend has been pretty good around this little place of mine.

Late Friday afternoon, not so much.
This is what we were dealing with, going over our house about 2:30 or so.  
Yes, funnel clouds.  Thank goodness the 4 or 5 that made themselves present around the area never touched the ground.
We never have that kind of weather here.  And better yet, there were no warnings at all.  
That's how prepared we are for them.  I had to call Glenn on his phone and ask him what things looked like from his vantage point on his route when things got a little weird at the house.  He can see the hills and area where we live.
To say the least, he said it didn't look good.  So the girls and I were waiting to make a move to hunker down if need be.  Luckily it passed quickly but it freaked us out.
The photo below isn't ours, off of the news channel site, but it is very close to what Glenn saw in our direction.

Anyways, on to more pleasant things.
Yesterday found the girls and I down at the farmers market looking for goodies to buy.
Not a lot of produce yet.
But the girls found their favorite honey stand and picked out lots of flavored honey sticks to enjoy.
I'd show you pics of those, but there are none left to take pics of.
Maybe next time I can remember to move faster and snap a few before the girls scarf them all down.
I had to pick up a big jug of the wonderful raw honey myself and then found a new bottle of bbq sauce that is made here locally.  YUMMY!!!
It was a wonderful 31/2 hours of just walking around and checking things out.  I'm so glad that we live just up the hill from where all this happens every Saturday.
Then there was a quick trip to Julie's shop for a few blooms.
I absolutely love these peonies!
I can't wait until I start seeing blooms on my plants.
Then after some grass cutting and a wee bit of other bits of yard work, painting the other two piggies, there was some yarn time after dinner.
The shawl is coming along just lovely, if I do say so myself.
Another day or two of work and it should be finished.
Well, off to have some breakfast and enjoy the wonderful morning we have here today.
61 degrees, windows open, listening to all the birds, fresh air after an early morning rain.
What else could I want.
Not much.
For now.  :}


  1. Those clouds would have scared me to death. What pattern are you using for the shawl? It looks like the shawl I made using It's just a triangle pattern.

  2. Hi Karfeeee!! I am so glad that funnel cloud didn't get you guys!! CCCCCreeepy for sure!

    I know you enjoyed your time at the farmer's market!! I love going, but it can be dangerous so I only take a $20 bill. Once that's gone...I'm done!

    Those peonies are so pretty! I would love to grow some, but our climate isn't friendly enough for them.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and keep those needles flying! That shawl is gorgeous!!

    Love ya!

  3. Your Peonies are so lovely, cool storm picture, and love the shawl!

  4. Oh I'm so glad that you're all safe. The scarf looks wonderful. And now I'm getting off the computer because I see too much lightning flashing. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. This is the last one for the kiddies. I go until next Tuesday. :-)

  5. I know what you mean Kar,everything smells so fresh and clean this morning!
    I love it!
    I am so glad that you all are ok,what scary clouds!
    We just got rain and some hail and wind.
    Shawl is looking more and more lovely.
    And I so wish I lived above a farmers market and a flower shop!
    Very Jealous:)