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03 June 2010

Little treasures...

For the longest time I have often wondered what to call the kind of "style" that calls to me when looking for things for the house.  I would usually call it country because I'm not into the "fufu" thing.  It just looks to stuffy and untouchable.  So not me.  I love all things that remind me of the old days and that make you feel cozy, comfy.  I'm starting to see lately that my style would be more like farmhouse country.  No primitive stuff.  Just light, bright, airy and simple.
Just how I like things.

So I am really trying to make more of an effort to find things that would make my surroundings more to MY style.  And hopefully along the way the family goes along with me with the choices.  :)
Here are some of the little treasures that I have found lately.

I've been drawing more to the simple white containers that I could use for just about anything.  Even if they are just for sitting around taking up space.
These were acquired at Julie's shop a couple of weeks ago.
These little gems were found at a 2nd hand store for a grand total of $3!
This little pretty was given to me by Mrs. Myers while I was home.  
She wanted to make sure that I went home with something with 
wonderful bluebonnets on it.  It's even more special because it was actually hers and she wanted
me to have it. 
sniff. sniff.
While antiquing the other day this little treasure was found.
I love the glass lid on it!  I have never seen one like it before, so it had to come home
with me.  I just love the colored glass.  It's gorgeous when the sunlight in the afternoon comes through the kitchen window and shines through it.
Hopefully, slowly but surely I will start to make things more "farmhousey" around here.
Minus the farmhouse you know.  Maybe one day one of those can be acquired also.  :)

On the yarny creation side of the house...

Here is the table cover thingy that was finished the other day.
I'm really liking the colors alot!
I'm thinking a few more of these may be needed around here to brighten things up.  :)

Last night I could not sit idle and watch the hockey game, even though there was a bit of jumping out of my seat going on, I found some extra yarn that was left over from the girls sweaters.
I decided that it needs to be made up into a wonderfully colored shawl.
I did change the pattern just a bit, to my liking.
I really like how this yarn looks when crocheted.  The colors are so gorgeous together!
It's the left over Red Heart Heart & Sole yarn in Antique Rose.  The yarn is a dream to work with.  It just flows through your fingers.  I just love all the red in it (of course) and the blues and grays are just perfect!  You know this will look great with some old jeans of some sort.
More on this project when finished.

I've got alot of ideas running through my mind with what to do around the house to make things just like I want it.  Cozy Comfy.  The guys at the hardware store in town are going to busy this summer!  Poor things.  They just shake their head and smile when I come into the store anymore and ask what is on my list for the day.
  I hope to redo my craft room here in the near future so that it is more functional and more pleasing to my eye at least.  Then there is the kitchen, the girls room, the back yard, etc.  Can you see the dollar signs appearing?  Hopefully it won't be all that expensive.  Careful planning will be needed for that.  I will attempt to let let you in on all of it as I go.

I must get moving so that things can be accomplished for the day.  Especially since there is to be more sunshine today!  Yippee!!!!  Gotta get as much of that as possible.
  There will be one project today with the girls that includes spray paint.  More on that tomorrow. 

Just remember...
when you can't find something that you want, improvise and make it work!
You'll see what I'm talking about later.


  1. Whenever Ken and I talk about the "style" of our home he called is "Early Halloween." And, I guess it's kind of true because we have rooms that are more themes and not necessarily consistent throughout the house. I love all the bits of white ware you're collecting. So pretty and fresh looking.

  2. Love your white!

    The fruit jar with the glass lid and "bail"... and I only know this because Mama told me... ;o) There was a rubber ring that went around the jar rim, then you put the glass lid on and slipped the bail over it before canning.

  3. Love your white "finds"!
    Isn't yardsaling just the best?
    Its like a treasure hunt:)
    Love the colors of your "table cover thingy" and the shawl is going to be gorgous!

  4. I think those are perfect farmhouse finds!


    It just melts my heart! Right now the colors in my home are earthy and rich...I'm really feeling the need to lighten and brighten, too, and completely surround myself with thngs from the past that are aged, weathered and full of character!!

    I think I'll start with my bedroom...make it dreamy and creamy, you know?? That probably won't happen until next year!!

    Always love looking at what your talented hands create! Always lovely!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!
    Thanks for being such a great bloggy friend!!
    Love ya bunches!

  6. I love these white pieces too! The "table thingy" looks magnificent and the shawl project too. I see the wheels in your head just a turning! lol

  7. Beautiful crochet, I love those colors.