"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

18 June 2010

Bright and cheery days...

It's been pretty nice around these parts the past few days.
The weather has been great, although a bit cooler than usual.
I'm not complaining, no sir.
We are still able to have the windows open all day to enjoy all the fresh air.
No complaints here.

On Glenn's day off we went to one of our favorite little places in town to enjoy nature.
The MK Nature Center.

There were fishes to be seen, all sizes.
Beautiful trout.
(sorry for the flash)
There was even some new sturgeon that were added to the pond to look at.
Brenna seems to think she needs one of her own, and she would put it in the tub to swim around.
Yeah.  They have been known to get 20ft long.  Not sure that would fit.
She named the biggest one of the 3 we saw.  Freddy Joe is his name now.
Don't ask.

Then we moseyed over to the wildflower garden to enjoy all the colorful blooms.
There was one surprise visitor.
I didn't have time to run or jump to get away from the dude.
When you have a bum ankle one must just stand still and take whatever comes to them.
At least I didn't scream like a complete fool.
I was totally grossed out though.
There were two deer wandering around munching on leaves.  Only one stayed around for us to look at.  The other one was a scaredy cat and wandered off somewhere else.
It's kind of neat to see wildlife just wandering around in town, looking for tasty little munchies.
Then there was a quick detour to go see how high the river was flowing.
Fast and furious.  Way too dangerous.
But wouldn't you know that there have been some "real winners" who have already tried to float the river this year and nearly drowned.  Not too bright.
Back at the home front...
there was some major cleaning to be done in the craft room on the desk.
Simply awful.
It's all nice to share things with the girls, but there are times when things just get out of hand when two little people get a wee bit lazy about putting things back where they belong and then I get to where I don't want to be around it all.
I had to put the foot down and order an all out declutter and cleaning.
Then some things could actually get done.

Like a very quick sewing project.
To make a newly spray painted basket look great!
I'm liking the blue alot better than the dreadful dark brown it was.
Then there has been some bright little crochet bits created.
Loving that!
More of that happening the next few days as I'm keeping the daily schedule to an absolute bare minimum.

Today has a few extra special things planned on the girls schedule. 
They are making Glenn some yummy treats for his birthday today and planning dinner and helping with that.
He's pretty darn lucky because every year he gets two special days, right near each other, of his very own to enjoy.
Birthday and Father's day.
You can bet there will be some burgers and brats grilling on Sunday.
His favorite things.

Must be off to try to accomplish something today while I'm able to move around with no problem.

Here's wishing all the Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day!
You deserve every minute of it!!!!


  1. What pretty pics!
    What a fun place.
    LOVE your basket,its so cute!!!

  2. Sounds like a great time Kar! And I love your pics!

    I am pretty blessed too because my birthday is right before Mother's Day! So much fun!

    Your crochet looks so cheery! Are they coasters or part of something larger to come? Your basket looks adorable too! The blue is charming!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, Kar you guys have the most fun! Good to hear that you're hobbling around on that bum ankle of yours. And the basket is the best! Now that you've discovered spray paint, nothing gets past you!!! LOL

    Enjoy your semi-unscheduled days. :-)

  4. What a nice day! I would scream if I saw that snake, ugh! I love your little crochet circles. I have 60 of them waiting on my side table ready to be crocheted into rows on my never ending blanket.

  5. Sounds like a great day. Yikes, I do not like snakes, at all. We have them every where and I often come across them while out on my walks and yep every time they totally freak me out. Love your basket very cute!

  6. Beautiful beautiful! :o)
    Your creations are just lovely.
    I have to follow your blog!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia