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01 December 2009

Bits and pieces...

Just a few things that kept us busy this weekend.

95% of the decorations are up. Of course there are a few that are added here and there when ideas creep into the girls heads.

Colorful paper chains and melty bead ornaments.
They are hanging every where in the house now. The chains add a certain little bit of whimsy charm to the areas they hang in.
My favorite little snowman is hanging on the tree for me to see every time I walk by.
And these guys look like they are up to good ole' fun while sitting in the sleigh Brenna made a couple of years ago. Love these little guys!
The girls had to add ornaments to the dining room light. The flowers were just not enough after seeing the idea somewhere.
There are still snowflakes to hang everywhere and more paper chains for downstairs. It never ends around here. That is why we have so many bins of Christmas stuff up in the attic. :) Glenn never knows what new things will be up for him to see when he comes home from work.

I finished Glenn's sweater last night. He was checking on the progress all day yesterday. I made him stay home from work because of a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat (he's better today). So of course there were hoodie progress checks through out the day. :) I will get pics when the light is better in the house. Maybe I will try to get one while Glenn is trying it on again. We'll see.

Next project is the girls ballerina slippers. It's suppose to be a quick knit. I'll let you know. The big thing will be having the girls pick their color out from the stash. You know there will be a bit of pondering with that step. I'll probably be able to get dinner done while they are busy with that. :)
After that I found a hat pattern that I just have to make Glenn so he can wear it to work. He needs something to go along with his Christmas tree hat you know. Must keep him looking good for the holidays!

More pics later! Have a FAB day out there!


  1. So cheerful! I won't decorate until Christmas though - and that will be just a small crib.

    Have a great day!

  2. Again, with your festivities! Everything sounds so fun!!! Can't wait to see the sweater.

  3. Ah, Paper chains. When my kids were small, we used to make a paper chain with 25 rings and they would cut one off each day, starting with Dec. 1. It helped them visualize how long it was til Christmas. Over the years we have joked about making paper chains for other important events, like how many more days til they leave for college, til they turn 21, etc. So many good memories.

  4. I just love paper chains!!! I like in the movie Elf how Buddy decorates that whole apt with snowflakes and paper chains and I bet it's the most economical decor of them all!!

    Can't wait to see pics of that sweater!!
    Hey...here's a hat pattern that I made my niece the other day, this works up to a child size as written but I know you can adapt it pretty easily, even to knit!! Just a thought, check it out...


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  6. Your lovely paper chains take me back to my childhood. It was always so much fun making those chains and then hanging them around the house. It also reminds me of the old "icecicles" (sp?) we used to hang on the tree. Such simple and sweet fun!