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02 December 2009

handmade by Mom...

After all the business of the day started to fade, I found myself in the kitchen enjoying the beautiful glow from the little decorations I put on the counter. My Mom made this years ago when she was into the plastic canvas thing. She made lots of different things with that craft. But my favorite was always this little house. I decided this year that it was going to be the "center of attraction" in the kitchen with its own little snowy winter scene. I love how it lights up the kitchen all by its self. Kind of makes you think of some magical, happy place somewhere up in the mountains all peaceful and quiet. Wonderful!

I couldn't get a certain someone to model the sweater so we will just have to settle with the pic I took yesterday when the sun started to shine through the clouds. Something told me that modeling would not be in the equation. :) But after getting home, winding down for the day, Glenn tried the sweater on and wore it the whole night. I'm guessing it passed the QA test. :)

I started Brenna's ballerina slippers last night. Only after a few rows she was asking if I was almost done. Impatient, excited little one you know. She was running around telling Glenn that she was so happy with the color. She is my upbeat little person around here. Every day she says at one point that "this is the best day ever". Never fails. I'm glad so gets so happy over what we consider "little things". I'll get pics later of the colors the girls picked out.

Hope the day finds you well. It will be chilly here, 35. So you know I will be staying in where it's warm and cozy.

Have a FAB day!


  1. What a cute little house. Glenn's sweater turned out very nice.

  2. So your mom's the crafty one too, I see. Very cute house! I love Glenn's sweater, even though he wouldn't model for us. Oh, you're so talented Kar!

  3. such a cute house!
    Glenn's sweater looks fab, Kar.
    your work is awesome!

  4. I love your Mom's gingerbread house! ( I have gingerbread in my kitchen too.)

  5. I knew Karin in high school and lost touch. It's good to see she is just as fabulous now as she was then!

  6. I love that little house! I love little Christmas landscapes. The sweater looks cozy and wonderful!