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08 December 2009

It's COLD!!!

We woke up this morning to a great treat of the temp being at -3f !! And I was chuckling at the -25f that Stanley, Id got the other morning. So you just knew it was going to come back at me. It's definitely a cozy up, cuddle kind of day.

I ventured outside yesterday to enjoy the beauty of the snow while the girls were out making snowmen in the backyard. They didn't last long because the snow wasn't wet enough. But at least they had fun.

I love how fluffy the snow was. You could see all the little designs each flake had. Gorgeous!

Then of course I ventured out after dinner to see the Christmas lights shining on the snow. And because I had to change a couple of lights. :) The snow was very sparkly with the lights beaming on it.
Can you see the little flake shining here? It was so pretty!

And the icicles were awesome! Especially the ones that dripped right over a light. The color shone right through the icicle making them all so pretty with their colors.
Then I couldn't feel my hands anymore and had to retreat back inside. I'm a wienee. I'll admit to it. Not ashamed. Soon after a nice warm shower I was hunkered down under the electric blanket with Christmas show time going on and some yarn flying through the needles.

Perfect night!


  1. Gosh! How fun! I always wish that I could wake up to snow... but that's never going to happen here.

  2. such beautiful pictures you took, Kar!
    Glad to hear you had a perfect night, that's nice.

    x Alessandra

  3. Lucky you to be getting snow. I'm still waiting here for a snowfall...Tho I think it's coming. I love that first snowfall.
    I love the slippers in the previous post.

  4. My, how pretty do the lights with the snow look - will never get to see that down-under. Thank you for sharing, its helped me cool down a little

  5. Please continue to take lots more pretty snow photos, so I can enjoy the beauty without the freezing cold. Yikes!! But knitting projects are the perfect thing for chilly winter evenings. Hope your girls are enjoying the snow!

  6. Pretty pictures! I love the lights on the snow.