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04 December 2009

She's here!

Just wanted to share that my little niece was born yesterday! She is the cutest thing! I've been told that she has a great set of lungs and isn't shy about getting her way already. Love it! Little Alejandra Nikole came to us a little after 9am and weighed in at 6lbs. 11oz. I'll share a few pics when I get some more. The girls are so excited. They just about hurt themselves waiting for the first picture. Too funny! She's got the softest, whispiest black hair! Just makes you melt.

My sister had a C-section, due to her gestational diabetes, a week early. She's doing fine now and shows no signs of having to watch what she eats now. Great news all around. We are all pretty giddy about her. :) The girls are making a list of hats that I have to make for her. She won't ever freeze I tell you!

I also couldn't help but share this after seeing it on the "net". I laughed so hard! I can just picture Glenn saying this while wearing his hoodie.

Nearly done with Brenna's slippers. Only the edging and straps need to be finished. Good thing because the little one is getting impatient.
There will surely be more knitting going on around here this weekend while the girls do some more Christmas crafting. I've got to finish putting some extra lights outside today before it gets colder out for the weekend. We'll be having a heat wave with 38 being the high today!

Nothing like staying inside, cuddling on the couch with two wee ones while reading a good Christmas story, enjoying some hot chocolate. And then some yummy yarn time afterwards.

Life is good!


  1. congratulations, aunt karin! nieces and nephews are the best. they always think you are waaay cooler than your own kids do, and you can return them when you're done!

  2. KARRRRRRFEEEEEEEEE!! Gosh gal...been missing you!! LOVE your new header photo!! And congrats on your new little niece! Such fun! Stealing some time on #3 daughter's laptop to visit...mine is still acting up...MEHHH!! Trying to decorate my home, and have decided to go a little lighter with everything this year. Less stuff that has more impact. Yeah...that sounds real good!!

    Hope your weekend is delightful! Have I told you that I think you're a pretty great bloggy friend???? Well, you are!!

    Love and hugs, gal!

  3. Congrats!!!! I'm glad mom and baby are doing fine. Awesome header!!! It's been crazy busy around here...I haven't stopped by to visit lately. I'm trying to play catch up.

  4. What a cozy little post. Congrats on your new little niece and I LOVE your yarn...and your pretty banner!

  5. Congratulations Aunt Kar! What a nice gift this time of year :) Cute cartoon too.